Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Pavol Demitra Memory of the Day: Two for the Price of One!

I know, I know. It's been far too long since our last Pavol Demitra memory entry. I'm truly sorry. Will you ever forgive me?

Since it's almost Christmas, I figure I might as well be twice as generous and dish out two great Demitra goals for your video stockings.

First, we have Demitra scoring a beautiful shorthanded goal, last season, against Greg's beloved Colorado Crapalanche.

The Pavol has got enough time to read the Sunday New York Times AND whip me up a latte before scoring that goal.

The bonus gift? How about Demitra's goal from this past Saturday's Wild/Canucks tilt.

In the words of Alanah (Check out her new site,, "Demitra makes Luongo look like Cloutier!"

I have the text message saved on my cell phone to prove it ;)

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You're such a punk, Golbez. Revenge shall be mine!

Por quoi??

At least I didn't reveal your "Project KL"
A wintery stroll down Memory Lane with Pavol = slow news day. Sorry.

Meanwhile in Quebec there is some kind of ritual fandango nearing it's climax featuring multiple participants, including the media.

Taking spins are: The QMJL commish, 20yr old Dave Bouchard (let go from his team), the Coach, and the club president/GM.

Jes, this is about *did said player sign the Canadian flag* (along with his teammates) which was being sent off to Afganistan in support of the troops. Knowing how you feel about nat'l anthems, this topic surely is your personal piñata.

I'll check back on Thursday.

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