Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Jes Gőlbez's Slavic Debutantes

Inspired by the legendary Ed Powers, I'll be bringing you a series of NHL debuts from when various NHL players scored their first NHL goals.

The first segment in this series deals with the debuts of Slavic NHLers, because we know Anglo-Canadians are just so frickin' boring and Swedes are evil.

First up, Marian Gaborik. His first NHL goal was the Minnesota Wild's first NHL goal as well. Assist to Scott Pellerin.

Pavol Demitra sets up Lubos Bartecko for his first goal. This would be the start of the Slovak Pak, one of the best lines to ever grace the NHL. Yes, I do have the Slovak Pak t-shirt.

Here is Jaroslav Balastik scoring his first NHL goal. Not surprisingly, this was a Power Play tally from his office in front of the net. Good times, good times.

Fourth up is Alexander Perezhogin of the Montreal Canadiens who beats Kevin Weekes like a dirty rug.

To finish, let's bring back the Anze Kopitar debut goal featured before on this site. It's worth a second look. It's hard to believe Chris Pronger was beaten that badly.

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That Demitra-Bartecko (+Handzus) combo helped me win my roti-style hockey pool. Whatever happend to Lubos?
Lubos is back in Sweden this season :(
He was hoping to get another NHL chance, but nobody offered one. Lubos was awesome last year in the Elitserien and I am shocked a guy like him couldn't get at least a tryout. The Canucks could certainly use somebody who could score :(
Bartecko is certainly good enough to be in the NHL. He is a victim of the CBA.
I still have my Slovak Pak Blues shirt too (sigh). Hope to see Lubos back in the NHL sometime...
I find it hard to accept that Bartecko was victimized by the new CBA boogeyman when he left the NHL before the lockout even occured.
Bartecko is out of the NHL and although he is good enough to play in the league, the salary cap has prevented any team from making him a offer that he would consider. He moved from one league to another in 2004 and 2005. So its not a situation where Bartecko isn't looking around at new offers.
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