Friday, December 15, 2006


Canucks Rule 3 - Calgary Flames Suck 1

The Vancouver Canucks, finally, were up to a real challenge and beat the Calgary Flamers by a 3-1 score. 2 straight games and 2 good efforts. With the crazy-ass weather we've been having here, there are some strange omens going around.

My lucky bastard of a co-worker got free tickets (FREE TICKETS!!!) to the game last night and ended up being treated to one of the most entertaining tilts of the year. Yep, this game had a bit of everything and drew out the best in both clubs (except for Tanguay who was nowhere to be seen)

Now, I've had a hard time drumming up a real hate for the Flames. Sure, they are from Calgary, a cultural wasteland, but I respect most of their players and they are a tough team to play against that doesn't pull a lot of crap.

So, we need a target. I've deciced on Dion Phaneuf.


1. He's named after Celine Dion (It's true, because you read it on a blog)
2. He always has that pissed-off sourpuss "I'm an asshole" look on his face. Could you smile once in awhile?
3. Phaneuf is just a dumb, silly name. Even other French people must say, between puffs of their cigarettes, "Mon dieu, what a dumb, silly name!"

Sure, I'd love the guy on my team any day of the week, but he's also somewhat easy to hate. Consider him Denis Gauthier with actual talent.

Jes's 3 Stars (No Flamers Allowed)
1. Brendan Morrison - His shot on the 3rd goal of the game was twice as hard as I've ever seen him shoot the puck before. He's working hard and producing, finally.
2. Matt Cooke - Great pass on the Morrison goal and all-around pesty effort is the kind of game Cooke should have every night.
3. Willie Mitchell - Held Iginla in check and had a noticeably good game.

Honourable Mention: The Canucks PK unit, which held the Flames to an 0-for-8 mark.

Other crap on my mind
1. Alanah @ VCOE made the point that Matthew Lombardi is really, really, really, really fast. D00ds got 10 goals and 20 points in 29 games and scored the only Flamers goal last night.
2. Kevin Bieksa had 8 of the Canucks 27 shots on goal last night. D00d!
3. Fitzpatrick finished with a +2. Just another reason to vote him into the All-Star game.

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Jes, you can't just start hating some player without coming up with a moniker for's not your style. And "Dion Phaneuf" has so much potential. "Fan-oof" comes to mind, but it's really just a start. But, really, you have to give him one.
Well, I've been hatin' on Forsberg and others for years without a good nickname. I guess "Floppa" applies for Forsberg, but I didn't come up with it.

I figure Celine Dion Phaneuf works quite well.
My grandfather says Phaneuf is a made-up name to cover up "Farnsworth." Man, that's even worse.
I'm pretty certain that "phaneuf" is a swear word in every language but English. Fortunately, because of the Gift of Dion, it's rapidly being adopted by some of us English-speakers, as well. "Go phaneuf yourself!" has a certain charm to it, I think...
What a great game to get drunk over!
Dion Phaneuf, I don't like him either. He looks like a blockhead. I think Dion Phaneuf stands for Fat Head in French

Yet another tard with European parents with their home country as "interest"..
Atleast change your first name to something manly if you plan on living in Canada and rant about hockey, gurlie man.
I will have you know, anonymous, that Greg is no gurlie man.
I'm no gurlie man, but I troll anonymously on blogs. I win!

Derka derka jihad!
he still rocks..obviously you dont know
what hockey is about losers..
im an canuck/oiler fan with a passionate hate for the flames because of the other two teams i cheer for. but now ryan smyth is gone so im thinkin of just changin to only canuck fan.
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