Friday, November 17, 2006


Canucks 4 - Blues 2: Post-Game Musings

I forked over $100 for the privilege to sit in the lower bowl of GM Place (among the beautiful people) to watch tonight’s Blues-Canucks tilt. The Canucks won 4-2, and pretty much outplayed the Rhythm and Blues in most every area. Why can’t they play like that every frickin’ game, eh?

Yes, I was the tall, handsome stud in the Blues DEMITRA sweater gently parrying the uninspired comments from jealous Canucks fans. Hey, don’t get mad at me because you spent $200 on a shirt with a stupid looking whale-thing on the front.

The guy wearing the vintage Canucks Cam NEELY sweater = awesome.
The guys wearing a Bertuzzi or Cloutier sweater = sad.
The guy wearing a Mark Messier sweater should be shot.

Random thoughts as they spring into my mind.

  • The Blues were so impressed by the Canucks (lack of) offensive ability that they dressed 3rd string goalie Jason Bacashihua tonight.

    You may look at the boxscore and say “Wow, he stopped 40 of 44 shots! He doesn’t seem that bad!”

    Stopped? No. Juggled? Yes. D00d has Robert Esche-like rebound controls and flops around like a dying tyee on Crystal Meth. Even a floater from centre ice was an adventure. “Cash’ is obviously Japanese Yen as supposed to British Pounds. Even Jim Carrey (yes, the actor, not the Net Detective) would have stopped Ryan Kesler’s weak backhand that made it 4-2.

  • Keith Tkachuk and his fat booty got a goal, a fight, and knocked Markus Naslund on his Swedish meatball ass. I like.

  • Radek Dvorak – You are one of the league’s best skaters, so try using your speed once in awhile.

  • Speaking of slow skaters, Trevor Linden really does have one large fork sticking in his backside. I know Bill Guerin is pretty slow out there, but we know he’s just lazy. Linden doesn’t get involved physically (You can see him cruising on the outside) and is always a step behind the action in the offensive end. His defense is passable at times, but he ought to know when to fold them.

  • The new scoreboard-video screen thingamajig is impressive. Most impressive. It’s too bad they have to waste so much airtime showing dorky Canucks fans dancing around as if we give a rat’s ass they are on “TV”.

  • Ice Girls – These babes have some fine asses. We’re talking just a notch below Jessica Biel or my own girlfriend. Impressive...Most impressive!

  • Fin, the Canucks stupid mascot, threw popcorn on my friend. Yes, the mascot abused my friend just because he was wearing a Blues sweater. Where a harpoon when you need one?

  • I love how PA announcer John Ashcroft pronounces Martin Rucinsky’s name as if he were French.

  • Yes, it really did take that frickin’ long for Doug Weight to get his first goal of the season.

  • Roberto Luongo was getting a lot of heckling all night long. Welcome to Vancouver, where we LOVE our goaltenders.

  • Patrick Coulombe is small. Not Greg Hawgood small, but still shrimpy nonetheless. He’ll have a nice long career in the AHL and Europe, I’m sure.

  • According to the boxscore, Mike Glumac played just 4:34. Those must have been the most visible 4:34 of all time, because I swear I noticed him a lot tonight. D00d hustles and works hard and gets his nose into places Dvorak don’t.

  • Markus Naslund – Nice shot! Where in the hell has that been all season long?

  • Ye olde media crap here.

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    word here is that officially legacy was injured (as opposed to sucking without a reason) he sucked for a period, got kicked in the head, got fuzziness, so cash started.

    cash made some great saves, but for every good thing he did, he gave up at least 3 gift rebounds. uuuugly.

    cash can still end up with legacy's job though :)
    Yeah, the Blues definitely need some help between the pipes. If they're lucky enough, Theodore will get sick of Budaj getting the start and force a trade =)

    Like the ballsiness to wear the Demitra Blues jersey in Vancouver. Nice touch. And Radek certainly needs to use his speed more. God knows no one else on that team is showing any.
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