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Tim Thomas: Finally, some respect!

Tim Thomas was/is one of the best goalies that you've never heard about. I wouldn't be surprised if most of you reading this entry didn't know much about the guy. It's not as if Tim Thomas was ever a household name, and he's played only 28 NHL games to date.

Still, Tim Thomas is a name you should get to know. He's a fantastic goalie, and after a LOOOOOOOOOONG and winding road, it looks like he's finally achieved him dream of becoming an NHL goalie and staying there.

Earlier today, the Boston Bruins did something right for a change and signed Thomas to a three-year contract extension.

Thomas' numbers in his short NHL career are quite impressive: 28GP, 2.42GAA and 92.60SV% behind the crap that Boston calls a 'defense'.

Are they really surprising? hardly.

Back on January 25, 2005, Tim Thomas was presented with's European Player Award for December 2004 and I wrote:

Thomas has been absolutely awesome in his European career, but hasn’t had a great opportunity to make it in the NHL. You’d have to think that one NHL team would be bright enough to give Thomas an opportunity as a cheap backup. Players like Christobal Huet (in LA) have proven that you can get quality performances at cheap prices without overpaying for ‘experience’ and such.
Well, after Andrew Raycroft totally lost his game and Hannu Toivonen suffered some injuries, Thomas was FINALLY given his chance and he's made the most of it.

Tim Thomas had this to say back in Dec/04:
He only had a short spell with the Bruins, but Thomas didn’t feel he lacks NHL qualities. ‘I think it has been more a question of timing and opportunity. In four games in the NHL I have 3 wins and 1 loss. I think I made the most of the opportunities I did have.’ Thomas knew the path towards the NHL wouldn’t be paved for him. ‘Not being a high draft pick or having a one way contract makes it more difficult. Basically I needed to be in an organization where a long term injury occured to another goalie to get my chance. It never happened.’
Hmm, how prophetic ;)

Over at The Puck Stops Here, Cartman has his own look at Tim Thomas.

Is Tim Thomas going to be a flash in the pan and disappear? We can only guess on that. Given his age (31) he is not likely in the longterm plans of any team. However, if he continues to play well, he can have a good career for several years in his 30's (much like Dwayne Roloson who is now with the Edmonton Oilers).
Now, Roloson was given chances in Buffalo and he completely sucked. Only after finding himself behind the wall that is the Minnesota Wild's trapping and high-octane defense did his game flourish (and his discovery of some padding that absorb rebounds like Charmin' soaks up OJ).

Obviously, Toivonen and perhaps Raycroft (barring a deal) are the true future of the Bruins. For now, Thomas has himself a little job security and a chance to have a good NHL career for himself. With the lighter workloads he had in Finland, his body shouldn't be as worn down as other 31 year-old NHL goaltenders.

Other than the things expressed in the Player of the Month article, I'd like to add that he is not naggy at all and is a very nice personality to talk to. Very open and honest as well as realistic. You see different attitudes nowadays in the NHL as well as 'stars' in Europe also.

Once again thank you TT and Melissa for your help back then last year. Was very much appreciated.

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