Tuesday, January 25, 2005


This, That, and the Other Things.

So, the NHL and NHLPA are going to have another meeting at an undisclosed location.
I wonder if any real progress has been made (ie. Each side is negotiating and giving in some more) or it’s just "We want/don’t want a salary cap". Wake me up when we get something substantial.

In the meantime, I’ll just borrow a page from James Mirtle (an actual hockey writer with a blog) and comment on a few hodgepodge stories and links floating around in Hockeyland. (...and the capital is NOT Detroit, thankyouverymuch)

1.Tim Thomas, an American, has been named European player of the month by Eurohockey.net.

Thomas handed himself and his team an early Christmas present in December. He came up big for Jokerit Helsinki. He won all 6 games in which he was dressed and allowed just 7 goals in this span. Furthermore, Thomas posted 2 shutouts and improved his save percentage to 95,8%

Thomas has been absolutely awesome in his European career, but hasn’t had a great opportunity to make it in the NHL. You’d have to think that one NHL team would be bright enough to give Thomas an opportunity as a cheap backup. Players like Christobal Huet (in LA) have proven that you can get quality performances at cheap prices without overpaying for ‘experience’ and such.

2. "Catch ya on the B Side"Marcel Hanzal’s B-sample results came in, and it’s conclusive: D00D’s a Pothead!
You can read the details in this English-language report. I don’t think Hanzal will be suspended more than the rest of this season…if that. I expect Robert Svehla and the powerful Trencin management to have his punishment as light as possible.

3. "Ya, really, I’m Andreas and I’m Swedish"Peter Worrell was caught drinking and driving (again) while driving his pal's SUV. Instead of fessing up like any upstanding human being, Peter tried to get away with pretending that he was Andreas Lilja. Hmm?? I can understand that most hockey players are quite anonymous in Florida...but isn’t Lilja stretching it a bit? Maybe Peter should have said he was Donald Brashear.

Hmm, I wonder why that didn’t work??

4. International Scouting Services (ISS) posted some of their thoughts on the CHL Top Prospects game. If you didn’t believe me about Devereaux Heshmatpour:

Heshmatpour has great size and strength but being beaten cleanly in the 150’ sprint by a goaltender and then barely beating other goaltenders in the lap times increased the concerns over his foot speed.
Translation: His skating reeeeeeealy sucks!

5. Continuing with prospect talk, Red Line Report’s Kyle Woodlief has released his latest USA Today column. Red Line still has Gilbert Brule as the #2 prospect, which is where he should be :).


If I ever get charged for drunk driving, I'll be a good friend and pass off as you.

- Duc Tran, 5 foot 9 Vietnamese guy.
Sure...just as long as I can use your name when the cops bust into my place to investigate my Agricultural Centre

(Note to Police: It's for MEDICINAL purposes)
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