Saturday, December 11, 2004


Weekend Update: Two of Hearts

I am sure you have all read about the NHLPA's proposal to the NHL. You can view a 235-page document of the entire thing on the NHLPA's website.

Since the other bloggers have already weighed in with their opinions, I don't really need to expend too much energy reiterating the same points. Just some things that struck me...

i. It's funny how the players were so taken by surprise by the offer to cut salaries by 24% across the board. Doesn't the NHLPA keep its agents and players informed?

"It's definitely something that caught everybody by surprise," said Martin Brodeur, the netminder who was slated to earn $6,891,000 US this season. "It's a lot of money for me. It's almost $2 million a year."

ii. Here's some interesting food for thought, courtesy of Lucky Luc Robitaille:

"I'm surprised it was 24%, though. I didn't think it would be that high. I'm sure Bob Goodenow will take a 24% pay cut, too."

iii. The one thing I looked at first was not the 24% slash in current salaries (designed by the NHLPA as a great PR move), but the luxury tax of only 20 cents on the dollar. The owners want cost certainty, and only a punitive luxury tax or salary cap is going to appease them. The NHLPA can make all the proposals and offers it likes (and many aspect of their offer were good for the owners), but nothing will ever get resolved unless an effective salary ceiling is put in place.

If a team has a $45 million dollar payroll, and it wants to sign Robert Lang to a $5mil contract, a $1 penalty would not dissuade such a team from signing Lang. If you are willing to have a high payroll, a 20% luxury tax will only really prevent you from signing that extra role player you always wanted for Christmas (like a cute Kirk Maltby bobblehead doll)

Extraleague Update Machine

1. 'Two of Hearts' - Brat-packer and ex-airline pilot Patrik Elias will leave the Znojmo Eagles and follow the trail of Russian oil money (and his boyfriend, Havlat) to Magnitogorsk (the coolest city name in Russia by far). Elias will stay with the Eagles until just after the Christmas holidays, just so he can spend Christmas with his family. (Thanks to joolzie for the tip).

2. The Czechs have finished their Czech-based training camp and have announced their roster nominations from North America and Europe. The notable ommissions are certainly Dallas 2nd rounder and soon-to-be-bust Vojtech Polak, ex-Vancouver Giant Lukas Pulpan (just days after his return to the Extraliga), and the highly touted Jakub Sindel. According to coach Alois Hadamczik (who is still revered in Trinec), Polak simply didn't fight hard enough for a roster spot and has played poorly and sporadically for too many teams this year.

3. Roman Malek, the talented Flyers goaltending prospect, made his debut for Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad). According to my pal Daniel, Malek's wife is pregnant and Karlovy Vary (Far Western Czechia) is a lot closer to his home than Trinec (Far Eastern Czechia). Now that Trinec is in 2nd-to-last place, I can't imagine he'll regret his decision to pick Karlovy Vary (the 3rd-to-last place team).

King Richard reflects the depression suffered by all Trinec fans this season. :(

4. Jiri Hudler apparently injured his ankle while in North America before he even went back home to Vsetin. Thus, he's now out until at least the new year recovering from this injury. It will give him more time to spend with his ailing father, but it's a huge blow for Vsetin, who are fighting hard for a playoff spot. (Thanks to misha for the tip)

Now, for your stat updates from yesterday's action...



wait a sec. your payroll is 45 million, and your willing to pay over 5 million a year to a robert lang type....

remind me again how this is the players fault, and how they suck and how the owners are just pawns in the whole thing lol.

seems to me if your payroll is 45 million and your going to give 5 million multi year deal to lang, and then turn around and give your opponets 1 million a year for 3 or 4 years that your team and your allies are not as cash poor as the luies you've been spreading.

and again if robert lang is WORTH 5 million to his owner (which is a completely seperate issue) why should he get less than 5 million?

seems all vaguely communistic but without the marxism...

oh well what do i know? again i've fairly sure i;m the only economist int his discussion. as if that is worth anything lol.
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