Tuesday, October 26, 2004


The Things Athletes Do In Their Spare Time

Normally, I really don't care what an athlete chooses to do in their spare time.

In the case of Patrik Elias, I'll make an exception.

Why? Well, he made his escapades public and it's just good to resist! See for yourselves...


At the start of the season, Elias was healing from some injuries. With the lockout looming, Elias needed a second source of income.

Thus, Elias got a job on a fashionable private charter plane. It's a lot safer than playing hockey, although it doesn't pay nearly as well

(Thanks to 'Misha' for the photographic evidence)

Here is Elias completing the pre-flight underwear check. Looks good!

"Everyone get into their proper positions for take-off!"

Ruh-roh! Elias was caught with his pants down!

It's easy to see why he didn't last long on the job, and why he is now playing with the Znojmo Eagles.

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