Sunday, April 01, 2007


Forget Strip Poker, How About Strip Shootouts?

by Jes

From a poster on the St. Louis Today forums, the Blues have a very unique and innovative way to practice shootouts.

Enter a bit of stripping to the equation... ORLY?

The Blues have been OK in shootouts this season at 6-6. But on the heels of two bad losses, Blues coach Andy Murray wanted to put some smiles on his players, so he called for the R-rated drill at the end of Wednesday’s practice. Actually, it was PG-13, but it was pretty funny.

As you can imagine, here’s how it works: If you miss a shootout attempt, you take a piece of equipment off. When your equipment is gone, your threads are next.

Most of the players missed a shot or two and skated down the ice without a helmet or glove on the third attempt, finally putting the biscuit in the basket.

Not Eric Brewer or Matt Walker. The two Blues’ defensemen were the last two players not to make it. As their teammates bellowed in laughter, Brewer and Walker broke in on goalies Jason Bacashihua and Curtis Sanford wearing only their skates and a pair of spandex bikers shorts. Thank God, Murray wouldn’t let them go any further.

The players prohibited FSN Midwest from taping the drill, but they loved it.

Yeah, I'm quite thankful that the contest was ended. Do we really need Walker and Brewer skating down the ice with their schlongs flapping in the breeze? Remember, the cold of the arena would really create some shrinkage... O_o

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I find myself wondering how many players would come down with hypothermia if Luongo or Broduer are in goal...

I also wonder if the goalie isn`t stopping enough shots, if he should be taking off equipment. Getting down to blocker and shorts would create some real incentative to stop 100km/h slappers... >.<
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