Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Wednesday's Wacky Wonderings

by Jes

Today's random ramblings ...

Smelly hockey equipment is a scourge that ranks up there with American Idol, white guys who think they are black, and Sean Avery. Many advances have been made in the washing hockey equipment, but that always presents just a temporary fix.

Winnwell claims to have come up with a truly odourless set of hockey equipment that can get rid of stinky odour before it becomes a problem.

Natural enzymes in water bond to the material that is used as a liner anywhere equipment touches a player's skin – even the palms of the gloves.

The microbes generate organic-consuming enzymes that remain dormant until activated by perspiration, eliminating the environment that bacteria needs to breed.

"It could work," says Pat Bishop, chair of the Canadian Standards Association committee that certifies hockey equipment. "Bacteria is what causes all that stink. Anything that makes it easier for players to wear and easier on parents is worth trying. Right now, my daughter is going to buy her son new hockey gloves because she can't stand the smell."
Mmm, organisms fighting bacteria. Just what I want in my equipment!

Colour me skeptical, but knowing how much hockey players sweat, and how long equipment sits in stinky bags, I can't see this working as perfectly as described.


Over at Hollywoodtuna, the gossip guys have posted some probably-NSFW pictures of Willa Ford, aka Ms. Modano.

Honestly, I can't see that she does it for me, especially in pictures that are completely airbrushed.

Do guys really dig the Maxim-style airbrushed pics? I always feel that such photos make a woman look less desirable and simply more fake.


I had serious doubts about John Davidson's ability to preside over the St. Louis Blues, but I have to admit that the club is in good shape thanks to his PR efforts and ability to not suck as a GM.

Even the New York Times has taken notice of the job he's done in St. Loo.

“This team had disconnected from the city, and we had to get people back in the arena,” he said, without naming Bill and Nancy Laurie, the largely absentee former owners who sustained huge losses, cut costs and traded away the popular Chris Pronger. “The Blues tradition had disappeared, and the fans wanted it back. We had to get them to believe again.”
Aahh, yes, the Lauries ... the asswipes who tried to buy the Vancouver Grizzlies and move them while claiming that they really really really wanted basketball to succeed here. *eyeroll*. Even David Stern didn't like the Lauries, which says something.

Larry Pleau is still around as the behind-the-scenes guy, and I think the set-up works well. Pleau's analysis of hockey players was awful, but he does know the nuts and bolts of NHL law and finance, and can help JD with the more technical side of things. This leaves JD the room to do his thing with the public and also with player acquisition.


From the LOL! File comes word that the Philadelphia Flyers are going to hold a ceremony to honour Eric Lindros, and the Big Ego won't show up!! Bahahaha!!!

As part of their September 27th preseason game against Carolina at their former home, the Flyers have invited all 15 captains back to take part in commemorative ceremonies, including Lindros who was named captain at the age of 21 in 1994. However, his tenure with the team ended in a bitter dispute with management, which included then general manager Bob Clarke.

While Clarke, Lou Angotti, Mel Bridgman, Dave Poulin, Ed Van Impe, Bill Barber, Ron Sutter and Kevin Primeau have confirmed their attendance, Lindros has declined because of a previous commitment according to senior vice president of business operations Shawn Tilger. Lindros will be attending a memorial service that day for a friend's mother.
Still bitter, Eric? Now that you are retired, perhaps you can set aside your petty differences with the club and do something right for the fans that had your back?


To any readers in the UK, you'll be happy to hear that pugilistic Czech Marek Ivan is back in your neck of the woods.

Yes, Ivan is one of the few Czechs that actually LOVES to fight, and does a pretty good job of being a toughie in between scoring a few goals.

(thanks to Southern Correspondent Wayne for some of the linkage help)

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Re: stinky hockey gear

A good drying rack, plus one of the cleaning services that uses the Esporta system, seems to work for me. My friends and I get all our gear washed once a season (every 6 months) and no stink.

Having gear that doesn't need to be washed would be great, but as a goalie, I'm not replacing $1200 of stuff anytime soon.

But... soemthing to look for in the future - thanks!!
1) We're not big fans of Mr. Lindros and his family, but the way the Flyer organization (especially that asshole Bobby Clarke)treated him, we wouldn't return either!
2) As for St. Louis, we wonder if they really are on the road to improving. We don't see them yet as a playoff calibre team. W wonder how long fans there will stay patient as they try to rebuild. JD is one of the nicer guys in the NHL, but even his charm can only last so long before the paying customers will want results
It wasn't the Flyers organization, it was Bob Clarke, who isn't GM anymore.

I hadn't heard about the memorial service, and if that's legit, then that's legit, but if not, grow the hell up, Eric and stop being a baby. You're 35 years old, be a friggin adult about it.
Lindros is going to a funeral for a very good friend's mother, according to several reports, so I give him a pass there... The only other reason would be "my daddy told me I'm not allowed to go"...

Mrs. Modano is smokin hot, airbrushed or otherwise...

Stinky equipment? Meh... Always thought that was part of the game... Still, the stuff they're trying to use might be like the stuff CROCS shoes say they employ, although not being a lame-ass, I don't wear crocs and couldn't tell you if it works...

Finally, JD is doing a GREAT job in St. Loo. I like Pleau's involvement as the business guy, while JD is clearly the hockey-smarts guy in the set up. They'll be an interesting team to pay attention to in training camp, with some young potential having a serious shot at making the team...
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