Sunday, August 24, 2008


Video Of The Evening - A Great Summary/Comparison

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Well, we are all suffering from hockey withdrawal, and there really isn't much more than made up shit from Eklund's site. So, we're left to remember things, or extrapolate and predict things... Today, I want to pay homage to arguably the best Czech player ever (with Dominik Hasek deserving equal, if not higher consideration, depends on your rating scale...)

Without further ado - Jaromir Jagr:

Without a Doubt, Mullett flying in the wind and everything.. When Jagr was on his game he could dominate in this league. I wish he didn't go overseas. I would have liked to see him stay in NYR one more year
1) Can't disagree that JJ was the best Czech of all time. (Is Stan Mikita a Slovak?) We also agree that The Dominator was a close second.
I think Mikita is Czech... Still, don't see him being as good as the Uber-Mullet. Truly a singular talent...

Mikita is certainly not Czech >:(

Stanislav Gvoth was born in Slovakia, then emigrated to Canada and took on the name of his Slovak relatives: Mikita.
Point taken... Ironically, Wikipedia lists his nationality as Canadian... Either way, he was adopted by his aunt in Ontario, which is (I guess) why he took on their name.

Either way, I'll still take Jagr.

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