Saturday, August 23, 2008


Video of the Day: Usain Bolt, Poor Sportsman

by Jes

When I heard about Olympic mafia leader Jacques Rogge whining about Usain Bolt being a poor sportsman, I pretty much rolled my eyes like almost everyone else did.

Then, I was pointed to this video of Bolt's 100m race and now we see evidence that Rogge was right ...

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Yeah, he's a cocky sumbitch, but he sure backs it up. The crazy thing is, even though he pulled up and started celebrating before finishing the 100, which I've never seen anyone do in all my long life, he still blew away the world record. Effortlessly.

In the 200, he kept running to the end, and kept the celebration for after the race. Beat the WR of Michael Johnson, which many thought would last for 30 years or so.

A sprinter named Bolt is just too kitschy, though. Screw him! ;)
I am a Jamaican we love Bolt and for da record he is the shit he cn defend his title. Gay was the best the USa had really now, he looks like he is having a withdrawal episode. Bolt is # 1
Hilarious... At least one good thing has come out of the Olympics...
Damn funny, pretty entertaining for me as that's the best parts of the Olympics so far.
Too funny!
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