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Celebrity Matchmaker: Sidney Crosby & Miley Cyrus

by Jes (Cross-posted on the sister site)

A lot of NHL players are getting hooked up with celebs these days, and it's great PR for the league.

Elisha Cuthbert and Dion Phaneuf (assist to Sean Avery)
Eric Lindros and Kate Hudson
Alexander Ovechkin and Igor Larionov's daughter
Alexei Yashin and model Carol Alt
Mike Comrie and Hillary Duff

So, why isn't Crosby getting in on the act? Where is his arm candy?

Imagine the publicity the NHL would get if Sidney was shackin up with a Hollywood celeb? Oh, it would be way bigger than Gretzky/Jones.

Who would we pair Sidney up with? Lindsay Lohan? Ewww ... Jessica Biel? Taken. Alanis Morrissette? Too old.


Just look at them and their big, toothy grins! Wouldn’t this be a match made in heaven? Just think of the headlines this would generate, and how a new legion of teenage girls would latch onto hockey like never before.

Cyrus, the mostly squeaky clean teen with a big future ahead of her is just waiting to be broken into the dating game with a young, big name celeb.

Sidney needs someone who can deal with his star power. A regular girl just won't do. Sidney also needs a partner who is rather 'fresh' and possesses the same upbeat personality.

Oh, you say, but Cyrus is only 15 years of age?

Damnit!!!! I guess there are laws to be followed. *sulk*

Still, if Sidney is willing to wait a year or two, and Billy Ray gives it his OK, then I think we ought to hook these two up and let the sparks fly.

Who's with me?


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Miley Cyrus is annoying.

Plus she's way to immature for Sidney.

And I don't know if you have been living under a rock for the past six months, but Miley's reputation is not squeaky clean. There was the whole up-roar with the Vanity Fair pictures, and she is constantly having to apologize for "risky" pictures of her that appear on myspace and videos she posts on YouTube.

Sorry. Bad match.
Damnit!!!! I guess there are laws to be followed. *sulk*

Don't worry Jes. It's perfectly legal if they restrict their activities to hand-holding while rollerblading in the park. In broad day light. With chaperons.
I think Sidney should hook up with one of those Dancing With The Stars professional gals. Imagine the moves she'd have?

Catfight: Miley vs. Katy
by Contributed - Story: 40904
Jul 30, 2008 / 2:30 pm

In a recent interview, the current queen of the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart Katy Perry told reporters that she wouldn’t mind kissing the lips of teen sensation Miley Cyrus (which in itself is kind of awkward, given Perry is 23 and Miley is only 15). Cyrus told E!, "No thanks, she sang on my record. So I think she's kind of getting back at me, because she was doing harmonies and backgrounds." Meeee-ow! When Perry was asked for a comment this morning by blogger Perez Hilton, she was very brief in her retort. "6 weeks in a row at number one,” referring to the fact that her song I Kissed a Girl has been #1 on Billboard for six weeks straight. For the record, Miley’s single 7 Things has been dropping on the chart after peaking at #9, although her album is #1. Wow, this really is turning into a catfight. Stay tuned, I’m sure there’s more fun to be had in this newly-started feud.
How about "Sid and Nancy" we just need to find a celeb with the name Nancy other than Nancy Grace and we are golden.
Why not wait til A-Rod is done with Madonna?
I am not sure A-Rod is Sid's type...but you never know.
LMFAO @ Shane - NICE ONE!!!! It wouldn't come as a shock to me though...
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