Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Sports Blogging: Does Sex Really Sell?

by Jes

One reason I am proud to do blogging for AOL's FanHouse is that the content can be very humorous without (often) pandering to the lowest common denominator. If you like shallow "lad culture", Larry the Cable Guy, and The Best Damn Sports Show, FanHouse isn't quite the place for you.

Sadly, the people who run FanHouse have decided to go in the "lad culture" direction with a new endeavor called the Fantasy Sports Girls. (The link contains a video clip)

The premise is simple: Put a bunch of scantily clad women in front of the TV camera to delivery fantasy football "news".

Oh, I did laugh quite hard when the one chick claimed they were all fantasy league champions and experts. Oh, and I believe your breasts aren't enhanced either, honey.


Honestly, I just like to blog about hockey and am happy when I can do my thing. I don't follow other sports all that much with the exception of some baseball and some MMA. I don't usually react to whatever else goes on in the sports blogosphere.

Still, I did watch that Fantasy Sports Girls video clip and felt rather sick at the obvious and cheezy pandering I was subjected to. Oh, I couldn't possibly want to watch a sports show unless it has plastic women reading off of cue cards and teleprompters!!

As I see it, men love eye candy, but I figure the kind of attention FanHouse would get is rather fleeting. I can remember when I used to watch WWE how us boys loved the Divas, but once they started wrestling, it was like *yawn*.

Eye candy is good for a snack, but that's about it. Fans don't go to games to watch cheerleaders, Ice Girls, etc ... If you really want sex, wouldn't you just surf for porn or go to Maxim?

I can only think that the female FanHouse audience is going to be rather appalled (as will be their female writers), and even many of the men will roll their eyes in some disgust.

I can fully understand why FanHouse would sell out and start pandering like this, but it certainly is a missed opportunity to not be like the others in showing a few half-titty shots to score some easy hits.


** EDIT: It appears that the shitstorm caused Management to pull down and delete the original FSG post. Sorry if you missed out on some cheesy T&A.

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I'd like to look up some of their supposed "fantasy leagues" they're in... Nothing I've seen would suggest that a woman CAN'T win (my wife is better at NFL picks than me), but those girls don't seem like they know much about anything, much less something that relates to statistical extrapolation...
Um, yeah. Yeah, it does sell. AOL aren't idiots, they are finally getting on the lowers common denominator audience that drives sitemeters.

How long ago was it that we had online news delivered by naked women? Is it really any surprise?
1) ....online news delivered by naked women?.... Where, where, where?????? LOL Sex has and always will sell.
"No sex, please, we're British subjects." (Canucks)

I'm sure the massive numbers of female hockey geeks will revolt at this sexist atrocity, and take their business elsewhere. Might even sink AOL for good.
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