Sunday, July 06, 2008


Post-Vacation Viewings

by Jes

While on vacation, I was able to access some brief internet forays and day-old newspapers for a bit of NHL news. What I saw was the usual blend of GM madness, Canucks inaction, and Leafs stupidity.


  • The Canucks have put all of their eggs in a cheap Ikea basket with their 2-year offer for Mats Sundin ... $20mil!! If it doesn't work, what is Plan B? I'm a bit nervous about any plan that relies on a guy to make up his mind and ultimately not choose the Canucks.

    To those Canucks fans comparing Sundin to Messier: Shut the hell up!

    Mats has nary the ego nor lack of drive that Messier had. Messier already had 6 cups, a history of big egoness, and no incentive to win. Sundin? He's still waiting to get his name on the cup.

    That is why I think Sundin won't choose the Canucks. Yes, our GM is offering the most cash, but why would Sundin want to play for a mediocre team? If he wanted to do that, he could stay in Toronto.

  • Meanwhile, the Canucks signed 4th-line/PK specialist Ryan Johnson, because we never have enough of those ... but made up for that by trading 2 draft picks for Steve Bernier.

    Remember how Bernier was a big up-and-comer for the San Jose Sharks? At one point, he appeared to be a solid 30-goal Power Forward in the making.

    He didn't do much in San Jose, and I blame Ron Wilson's choking system for that. Just ask Patrick Marleau how hard it is to produce offense for that coach.

    Bernier clearly needed a change of scenery, and we saw how he could produce during his short Sabres' tenure.

  • The Lightning are mighty busy, signing and trading with the intent of becoming instant contenders.

    The problem? Their defense really sucks, and their goaltending duo isn't exactly solid like a rock.

    The Lightning D thus far: Matt Carle, Filip Kuba, Shane O'Brien, Paul Ranger, Alex Picard, and Matt Smaby

    Yeah ...

  • Speaking of the Lightning ... Olaf Kolzig?

    This move surprised me for 2 reasons

    1. Anyone who saw Kolzig play last season should clearly see that Godzilla is finished
    2. Kolzig seemed intent of being a Cap-or-nothing.

    I guess $ talks. In this case, it's saying stupid things.

  • Maid Marian Hossa signed a 1-year deal with the Wings for just over $7mil.

    To Wings fans, you have to understand why the rest of us are very angry at this.

    Simply put: The rich get richer.

    When 29 other teams are trying to win the Cup, it pains us to see a star player take less money to play with the Wings. Imagine if a lot of players started doing this, and the top 4-6 teams were constantly able to lure star talent for 1-2 years for cup runs?

    That said, I'm not gonna be like Skeletor Gallagher (I'm too lazy to link his crappy article) and rip on Hossa for what he did.

    1. Who cares if Hossa's salary isn't $9-10 mil! Is the NHLPA really going to suffer? Mmm, try looking at some of the signings. Exactly.

    2. Hossa has every frickin right to sign with whatever team he wants at whatever price he can get. So, he wants to forego some security and a couple of mil to play for the Wings ... he earned that right.

    If I were Hossa, I might very well do the same thing. With the younger UFA age, players can afford to wait 1-2 years to capitalize on that one BIG contract.

  • Jagr to Russia ... well, this does surprise me.

    1. Jagr's goofy sense of humour doesn't mesh well with serious Russians.
    2. Russian hockey is extremely defensive and passive in nature. Why does Jagr want to play in a system that is opposite to his own style?

    It must be the women.
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    Jagr To Russia - I'd say he's got plenty of incentive to play there, no matter what kind of system they have... That's a lot of money to leave on the table! Also, he's much closer to home now, and I think will be playing less games. Less games, more money... I'd jump ship too, and I'm a Rangers' fan...

    Na Zdravy Jaromir!
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