Monday, July 21, 2008


Please STFU About Mats Sundin

by Jes

I know that news is slow in the hockey world these days, but the whole hubbub over Mats Sundin is just a tad ridiculous, don't you think?

Alanah over at Canucks and Beyond is bouncing off the walls after a KHL contact, and we know how trustworthy those Russians are, told a newspaper about why Sundin turned down a KHL offer.

Umicevic's contact in Russia told him that an unspecified KHL club was very interested in signing Sundin (which is certainly believable) and that Sundin's agent turned them down (also believable, sure) because he had already signed with Vancouver. (Ummm... say what?!?).

Per a REAL source, Mats Sundin himself, the big troll won't make a decision until the first week of August.

So, what do we know for sure.

1. No decision for two weeks
2. Toronto and Vancouver are the most likely decisions
3. Sundin likes fishing
4. Sundin goes to the bathroom more than 3 times a day.

So, please no more Sundin no-news until he actually makes an actual frickin' decision. Thanks.

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Well, that's easy for you to say. See, I want Sundin here in Vancouver. I was on the DN news report shortly after it was released (with some help of course). So it was hard not to post about it.
I think that when it comes to scenarios like these, people, including players and agents, lie. So the DN piece looked pretty accurate and enticing at the time.
I don't mind getting caught up in it. People keep coming to my site over it so I feed them what I know. I suppose it's lame in a sense because Sundin already stated weeks ago that he would not make a decision until the end of July at the earliest. But like I said, you can't always believe what these guys are saying.
I'm going to continue kicking this dead troll until he makes up his mind.
1. Someone (might have been Spector, not sure) pointed out that in the article Sundin doesn't say specifically that Toronto and Vancouver are the most likely decisions, just that he was only ASKED about those two destinations. Me? I think he's going to play for the Kings.
2. Fishing is boring.
3. More than 3 times a day seems about right, no? Nothing to worry about there. Question is, does he have blood in the urine? That could be a bad sign!
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