Tuesday, July 22, 2008


HNIC Gets Stupid, Hires Milbury

By Jes

It's amazing that HNIC is as good as it is given some of the poor decisions the overpaid government employees have made over the years.

I mean, who actually thinks Greg Millen is a good colour commentator?

The latest headscratching move by HNIC was the hiring of Mike "Shoe Beater" Milbury as an analyst.

Yes, the worst GM in NHL history is supposed to offer an expert opinion.


Anyone who saw Milbury on TSN last year has to be baffled as to why CBC would waste their time and money on this doofus.

I guess they figure people like Zanstorm like the guy, especially after he called out Tiger Woods (the one and only time I've agreed with Milbury) ...

Milbury is a great addition to Satellite Hotstove. He doesn't mince words. Maybe he can beat some sense into those politically correct doofs like Ron MacLean in Mad Mike-fashion. They needed a bit of an controversial edge on the segment, and now they have it.

While people like me, who worship the Great Pavol, know better.

1. For a guy who has worked in hockey as long as Milbury has, it's amazing how little about the game he appears to know. Most HFBoards posters seem to understand the game better than Milbury (and most of them know little), and the guy is way out to lunch on most issues of the day.

2. Milbury is very "American" in his bombast and delivery, and prefers to shout, make insults, and display bravado over actual insight. Why does CBC want to imitate American broadcasts, given that people like HNIC because IT IS NOT AMERICAN!

3. Milbury is ugly, and not pleasant to look at. I don't expect great looking hockey analysts, but Milbury makes me want to throw up my popcorn, or punch his stupid, fat nose!

In the end, HNIC lowers itself and its product by hiring somebody who is neither smart nor insightful. HNIC does not need Milbury's brand of "entertainment", thank you very much.

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Milbury is American, as I'm sure you know. Having lived in Ontario, Quebec, B.C. and now Texas (don't ask) I had to admit that I see just as many morons across all of those places. Perhaps if you lived abroad a little more and had more depth of experience you would see this.

Hockey Night In Canada is heading for the crapper.
Heheh...Golbez gets pwnd by Dave G! :)

However, despite the obligatory rap on Amerika, you are 100% right about Milbury being an incredible doofus, who doesn't add anything to an NHL broadcast besides stupidity. I'm not as hung up on his looks as you are, but then, I'm straight.

The only thing worse would be having Pierre Mcguire, chipping in from ice-level with his genius insights, like his famous "I see huge fundamental flaws in the Red Wings," as the 2008 playoffs began. Yes, Pierre. Too European, and no goaltending. They'll never get anywhere.
1) Agreed with all your points until you felt compelled to throw out that baseless anti-American nonsense? When did Americans get the corner on the bombast market?
2) Doesn't HNIC employ the king of bombast, Don Cherry? What country does he hail from? ; )
3) As for Milbury, he's a total idiot. His 'edge' is a put on. He makes statements he probably doesn't agree with merely to be different. His best days were spent hitting fans with shoes!
Sure, Milbury's a jackass. But I like watching people embarass themselves on TV!

Who would you rather have: PJ Stock or Milbury? I'll take Milbury.
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