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Greetings Hockey Rants!

by Czechmate

Hello to all you readers out there on the interwebs! This is my first post here at Hockey Rants, and I just wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself, and to thank Jes for the chance to contribute to one of my favourite blogs! Thanks Jes!

Anyway, before I get down to the business of blogging (still seems like a weird verb to me), here's a little bit about myself and what you can expect in the days, weeks, months, years to come.

I'm a 35-year old hockey fan who lives in Ottawa, Ontario. Now, that may lead some of you to believe that I'd naturally be a fan of the Senators, but alas, they divested themselves of most of their European players, and are slowly becoming the Leafs Jr. of the NHL. I'm not into that brand of hockey... I jumped ship a few years ago to hop on the Rangers bandwagon. Oddly, I used to despise the Rangers, largely for their seeming inability NOT to spend big bucks on players who had star power, but no heart - read: Bobby Holik.

However, when I was looking for a new team to cheer for, I needed a good core group of players to attract my attention.

Being that I'm of Czech descent, I looked no further than the Rangers, who at the time were like a shinny version of our National Team. Jagr, Straka, Rozsival, Malik, Prucha, Rachunek... Now THESE are names I can pronounce! And pronounce them proudly I did (much to the chagrin of anyone within earshot)!

But, I'm not a one trick pony. I also cheer for teams like Washington and Nashville, who are up-and-comers. Not going to get into Pittsburgh just yet. I'm still recovering from carpal tunnel syndrome from the last discussion I had with one of the bloggers at my own site...

Anyway, with all the moves the Rangers have made (farewell o ye of the great Mullet), it's gearing up to be an interesting season. Many of my posts will center on them, although I plan on chiming in on other teams as well...

Thanks again for having me, and until next time:

Na Zdravi!

I won't miss him, good luck to him, in Russia...he was always a selfish "All for me" player anyway, and only his talent kept him from "pulling down" his teams, the way other selfish players (Lindros being the prime example) have, over the years.
Ouch, comparing Jagr to LINDROS??? Let's see... One is likely the best non-North American born player ever (possible Lidstrom deserves that accolade, but we'll see), and the other is the biggest bitch ever to play the game (possibly Crosby deserves that accolade, but we'll see).

How is/was Jagr All-For-Me? Seems hard to imagine with all the positive comments he's made about his time in the NHL...

Okay, he cut the Mullet, voluntarily. That was selfish, no doubt. Like Samson losing his locks, Jagr definitely shouldn't have cut the source of his power, but to compare him to LINDROS? Jagr's dad didn't negotiate his contracts for him at least, and Jagr didn't refuse to play for the team that drafted him...

Just sayin'...
Jagr is a hard guy to like, and can be a hard guy to hate, too. Yes, he's a serious diva and womanizer, but he's a great interview and also one of the very best talents to play the game.

Just imagine how much better he could have been if his mind didn't wander so much.

PS: Welcome to Czechmate. He's god Czech blood and blogging experience. We look forward to his 5,000 word essay on why Pavol Demitra should be inducted into the HHOF.
I figured I'd have to write that essay... It was on the application form. Let's see where he ends up, and then I'll write it...

Ah... to be back at school... :)
Welcome, Czechmate!

Don't you just love the Wings, now that Hossa has joined Kopecky on the best team in the NHL?

P.S. Golbez hates the Wings more than he hates Amerika, and that's saying something! But, you've probably noticed that by now, if you're a regular reader. ;)
Heya Octopus! Definitely love the Wings now with Hossa. To me, it's a great fit for both sides. Hossa will only increase his value in next year's UFA market, where Detroit won't be able to afford him (Zetterberg contract upgrade). To me, I'm glad to see Marian in a spot where he'll be able to show off what immense skill he has. He showed signs of it in Pittsburgh last playoffs, but really, Detroit's a better fit (three Selke candidates next year possibly?).

After that, I say Hossa might be the highest paid player in the NHL, because idiot GMs are always lining up with MORE money. I'll be watching a lot of Detroit hockey this season...
I wouldn't be too sure about Hossa being a one-year deal, in Detroit. If he works out well, he might take the place of a couple of lesser players, such as Franzen or Hudler, or others. The Wings are looking at him as a possible long-term asset, I can assure you.

But, if we only keep him for one year, it will be a very interesting year. That pp should be pretty potent, I must say. Unless he suffers the season (or career)-ending injury that so many sourpusses around the league are wishing on him. Isn't that sad?

Most definitely agree Octopus... Hossa COULD fit into the salary structure of the Wings for years to come. Certainly as long as they keep getting bargains on defence. To me, Zetterberg's asking price is the key though. Holland has shown he's one of (if not THE) the best in the league at building talented futures, but realistically, the Detroit tradition goes back even to before his time...

They are built well, and react well to all things NHL. In my books, there is no better run franchise at this stage. Prior to the lockout, I'd include the Avalanche and Devils, but since then, I think the Wings are in a class of their own... My Rangers are going about it in a copycat fashion, but likely will take about two more seasons to really challenge for what the Wings already have... (low contracts, good production).
Vítej czechmate. Vidím že Jes má opravdu velmi silnou evropskou úchylku, namísto euro-fanouška Grega vzal rovnou Evropana :)
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