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Emery Comes Clean - Sorta

by czechmate

Okay, consider this the closing chapter on my tyrade against Ray "Rayzor" Emery. Or is it "Sugar" Ray Emery? Who cares, he's off to Siberia...

So, I was watching Off The Record last night on TSN, simply to hear what Emery would have to say about his tumultuous season with the Senators last year. It was the first time he publicly spoke about being bought out, and what went wrong in a season that started out holding a lot of promise...

Now, I won't bore you with a repetition of all the nonsense Emery was linked to last year, but rather I'll address some of the things he said on OTR last night, most of which seemed insincere and rather arrogant... The quotes below are from TSN.ca's transcript of some of the more salient points made...

"It started off tough and I just didn't uphold my end of the deal," said the former Senators' goalie. "I thought I deserved certain chances and instead of working for them, I pouted a bit."
Pouted a bit? If that's what you want to call it, then fine. I'd call it acting like a big baby and throwing temper tantrums at every opportunity, but I guess that's semantics... At least he got the first part right - he definitely didn't uphold his end of the $3.5M contract he was awarded with in the summer prior to the season...

Asked about being late for practices, Emery chuckled and responded:
"I seriously have a tough time showing up on time," he said. "I smacked a water bottle around one day and they said that was me pouting because I wasn't playing, but really I was just pissed off because I didn't do well that practice."
I could swear that for $3.5M, he could invest in a better alarm clock, or subscribe to a wakeup call service of some sort... Hell, the way he puts it, it sounds more like "I didn't really feel like going, but knew I had to, so I went in late..." Possible as well is that he's being genuine, but how could he know how well he had done in practice after spending only 11 minutes on the ice (

Asked if he was trying to protest against the club somehow when he showed up late in Long Island (where he claimed to go to the wrong arena), Emery said:
"I wasn't trying to make a statement, (January 28th) was after the All-Star break and I went to the game rink and they were at the practice rink," explained Emery. "I apologized for it then, it was my fault but like I said, I'm not the guy who's really nervous about being late."
Are you serious Ray? How sincere could that apology have been, when he's pretty much defending his actions by holding up his (weak) character. Realistically, this is like saying "they should have known it was just me being me..."

One valid comment he made, albeit I believe it to be inaccurate, was concerning the team's rapid descent in the second half of the season:
"I think it was a panic thing. The team started off so strong and when there was a bit of insecurity there, maybe (the Senators) started to panic and collapse even more."
I like how he didn't say "we" started to panic, but rather "they"... Real team guy there... Anyway, I believe this statement to be inaccurate because of the likelihood that what really sank the team was the complete and total reliance on one line to produce offence. Seriously, during the playoffs, the Spezza/Heatley/Alfie line looked completely gassed. There may have been some element of panic when they dismissed John Paddock from his coaching position, or at the trade deadline, but really, I believe my assessment makes more sense.

Landsberg finally got to the main issue everyone wanted to hear directly from Emery, namely the ideas that Emery had a drug problem. Emery again laughed, and replied:

"No, I don't have a drug problem."

The netminder explained that he thought the rumour was just a result of being seen out at clubs and admitted that the Senators had asked about it.

Being out at clubs, and being a drug addict are two different things. However, his quick dismissal may be interpreted in three ways. 1 - He's telling the truth, and doesn't do drugs. 2 - He does drugs, but doesn't think it is problematic. 3 - He is lying, since admitting to having a drug problem would likely spell the end of his career, especially if he doesn't feel compelled to seek treatment. My theory is "I don't have a problem, because I can afford the drugs, and still usually perform at a high level, despite being on them the night before..." sounds about right. He apparently hangs out with guys who also aren't drug addicts, as shown in the image below (taken from wickedwrister.com):

The clincher for me, at least in terms of him showing he's a dumbass who realizes he has some problems, was his quote about what was to come in the future:
"Like I said, I want to change things about myself, wipe the slate clean and move to a new place."
In other words - most of what they said about me is true, so I want to get the hell out of dodge and hope people forget all this crap by next summer, so I can go back to being a slacker who makes a pile of money.

At any rate, at least he showed up on time for the taping of the show. Apparently he was early, according to Landsberg!! Way to go Ray! Now don't forget to adjust your alarm clock when you get to Russia. It's a helluva time shift. Also - and this is just friendly advice - try to get there at least a couple of weeks early, to get over the jet-lag you'll surely use as an excuse once you show up late for the first practice of training camp...

Until next time,
Na Zdravi!

Wow, that came off as really whiny and petty, Czech.

Question: When your team hangs you out to twist in the wind...after they unceremoniously let you go and blame all their problems on your inability to show up on time (*ahem*, TWICE...Not three times, not four times, not once a week, not once a month but twice in 8-9 months), why the hell SHOULD he be acting as a team player?

He said "they" instead of "us?" Yeah? So? For the start of the season he was injured and for much of it he was on the bench?

Would you rather he was disingeuous like Dom Hasek was after the Wings won the cup, saying "we really pulled it together"?

I think he was overly diplomatic with the team, I was hoping he would rip into that pathetic coach Paddock, the pathetic job that Murray did, the fact that Alfredsson couldn't lead a sighted man through a well-lit tunnel, the fact that -as you at least admitted- a one line team with shit defense blamed all their woes on a guy who they went out of their way to not play.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, if your team gets derailed by your backup goalie showing up to practice late twice, then your goalie is NOT the MFing problem...
Why would I whine about a team I hate having problems? You can call it petty if you like, but living here in Ottawa, we've had to deal with valuable paper being wasted on this ass-clown, so it's time to put things in a more entertaining light.

BTW - the team didn't blame Emery for anything, quite the contrary. It was the MEDIOTS that blamed him. I don't blame him either, since he couldn't have lost games he didn't play in...

Also, "YES" I'd prefer a Hasek-esque statement. That's what team sports are, regardless of your role in it. Besides which, Hasek actually came across as very sincere in his comments... For once...

Finally, he was late more than twice. That's widely known. It was just two incidents that got a lot of media attention... Emery himself admits his chronic tardiness... Remember, he also missed a team flight during the second round of 2007-08 playoffs. Sure, he got in a car accident, but he would have been late anyway...

I guess you appreciate his work ethic more than me. I'm trying to locate the video I have of Emery actually practicing, where he spends a total of 11 minutes on the ice, essentially going through the motions...

I stand by my opinion of this waste of space... Now let's just hope my Rangers are not the team to bring him back to the NHL...
1) We have to agree with Garth to some degree. Yes Emery deserves his share of criticism, but he also deserves at least some degree of credit for admitting he didn't do his share last season
2) Many athletes are in total denial and never admit when they screw up. The things Emery has done pale compared to what other athletes have done. The difference is that his on-ice/team's performance diminished, allowing for the magnification of these issues.
3) The true test of his sincerity will be how he does over the next season or so. If he's back to causing problems then we know he's a bad seed and deserves the criticism, but we'll hold final judgement
Ok, here's the problem... Part of the reason you hate him is that "too much ink has been wasted" on him? I'll admit, I don't live in Ottawa, but given the shit that's gone down in relation to him, I'm sure I would have found out if he had been writing a column hyping himself.

No? So it was your blessed "mediots" who wrote about him? Why blame him for that?

And no, you're right, the "team" didn't blame him, in that there is no such entity as "the ottawa senators", but Murray was pretty vocal about who he thought the problem with the team was. Nevermind the fact that buying out Emery was the biggest thing they've done in the off season. Look at the big moves they made...they replaced Redden and they replaced Emery. They got rid of one underperforming goalie and they put their confidence in another one.

And don't give me that shit about the car accident. He made it to the game. He wasn't late, and if I recall, he WON the game. How is that a problem? Unless you know something about him conspiring to get into an accident so that he wouldn't have to take the team flight, then let's cut the bullshit about that.

And lastly, I love how short a memory so many people have. I don't recall many people bitching about him getting a new contract after taking the team farther into the playoffs than any other goalie had.
Wow Garth... My memory is just fine... I believe it wasn't Emery who got the Sens into the Finals (where they promptly got their collective asses handed to them by Anaheim, who played the shittiest hockey outside of Calgary that I've ever watched - okay, maybe the Leafs too)... You forget (speaking of memory) that I HATE the Senators, so why would I make apologies for the team?

As for the Emery debate, if we can call it that, I respect your opinion, but disagree with it... He's not a team player by any stretch, and he's clearly quite arrogant and in it for himself (proof being waiting until early July to accept a starting goalie job overseas, when he may have landed one in LA for all we know...)

Emery has always been about Emery, nobody else, in my books. Glad to see at least I started a discussion with someone who posts reasonable comments...

Please just don't pull a Mike Toth and play the race card...lol
"I want to get the hell out of dodge and hope people forget all this crap by next summer, so I can go back to being a slacker who makes a pile of money.
"Also - and this is just friendly advice - try to get there at least a couple of weeks early, to get over the jet-lag you'll surely use as an excuse once you show up late for the first practice of training camp..."

*rawr* Not catty at all. eh?

At least give him a chance to mess up in Russia before you say he'll always be a screw up. Jeez.
And I also have to ask, what does taking a picture with someone who does drugs mean? I guess, as much as his helmet.

There are a lot of arrogant and ungrateful people in professional sports. What's so special about Emery?
All the shenanigans aside, do you all think Emery is an above average goaltender - or has the potential to be one and that is why the debate on his character goes on?
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