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Tuesday's Thoughts

As if typical with the Toronto Maple Leafs, they can't quite do anything right.

Such is the case of their soon-to-be-hire of coach Ron Wilson, a guy they've hired before a new GM has been put in place.

Toronto Maple Leafs interim general manager Cliff Fletcher says he's found the man he wants to coach the team and has offered him the job.

Sources tell TSN that former Sharks coach Ron Wilson is on his way to Toronto to meet with Leafs officials to try and work out a deal.

When reached by phone, Wilson, who was about to board a plane, refused comment.

While scrambling to catch a plane himself on Monday, Fletcher told reporters he had offered the Leafs' coaching job to a candidate and was in negotiations to seal the deal.

That's just asking for trouble down the line. What if the new GM and Wilson butt heads? What if the new GM wants to make an offensive team, and not the stifling defensive club Ron Wilson is so keen on putting out?

Of course, given JFJ's experience, we know the GM doesn't make the final call on whether the coach is hired or fired. It makes you wonder why anyone would take the job.

As for Wilson, we know he's an excellent coach. Still, I don't see him fitting in well in Toronto, given the kind of team they have. Wilson is very much defensive-oriented, and the Leafs have quite a few offensive-minded players on the club. Kyle Wellwood? Don't expect to stay around much longer.


The Pens got lucky, and should be kissing Marc-Andre's Fleury's feet all day for the way he stole Game Five for them last night.

You had the feeling the Wings had the game sewn up, and were greatly outplaying the less experienced Penguins.

But, Fleury robs Samuelsson with the save of the series, Hossa ties it up, and now the series shifts back to Pittsburgh.

At the very least, the NHL must be thrilled that the Penguins managed to stretch this thing out somewhat.


Freaknomics was a book that I enjoyed, and their blog is one I frequent regularly.

It was rather surprising that the blog mentioned hockey, albeit briefly.

The blog post points out one very interesting stat that the AP picks up.

Road teams have won 10 of the past 12 overtime games in the finals and are 15-4 since 1990.

Some interesting comments, including this one (poor capitalization included)

it is mental. the home team typically has the mental edge during the game as they “should win” and get energy from the crowd. as the game goes on and into overtime, that edge shifts to the visitor as they are now almost in a “nothing to lose” situation because technically, they should not be there still, they should have already lost. this translates into the home team playing “tighter” and leads to mistakes. since it is hockey, a single mistake can lead to a goal and the game.

in this game, detroit had it won until the lat .35 seconds and could clinch the cup at home. that increased the anxiety on their part. a pittsburg win would allow them to go back home for the next game….

One other point: Good teams tend to get home ice advantage because they put up good records. That's just a fact

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