Saturday, May 03, 2008


Video of the Day: Mike Rupp is a Pottymouth

I love it when the embedded microphones capture the raw violence (crunching hits) and tension (the shouting) of hockey.

Let's face it, hockey is a violent sport, and we know the players aren't swapping cheesecake recipes.

Proof? Mike Rupp calling Paul Mara very mean things during a Rangers/Devils tilt. W00t!

Kinda funny how the mics weren't turned off, despite the foul language. Either somebody was asleep at the switch, or they really wanted to capture the raw tension.

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1) Will never happen in a million years in the Bettman NHL, but it would make for great enetrtainment to mic ALL players/officials.
2) Have it on a seperate feed for fans to perhaps pay a tad extra, who might get a few F-bombs etc into their living rooms. Some of those fracases might prove to be more entertaining than the actual game. We'll REALLY find out who the jerks, etc of the league are. LOL
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