Friday, May 23, 2008


Video of the Day: Jennifer Hedger's Experimental Days

Mention the name Jennifer Hedger to any Canadian male hockey fan, and they'll likely get that 'special feeling' in the nether regions that is triggered by the thought of a hot female.

To an American hockey fan? They have no idea who this blonde bombshell is, so let me introduce you to Canada's cutest sports broadcaster, who is somewhat our equivalent of your Erin Andrews.

Jennifer Hedger is best known to Canadians as the female face of our version of SportsCentre, the most-watched sports highlight show in the country. If we're watching highlights of Andrew Raycroft letting in another soft goal, it's probably Hedger doing the honors.

She's no blonde bimbo, either, and clearly knows her stuff. While she might appear, at first glance, to be some ratings-generating eye candy, but frequent appearances on "Off the Record", a popular sports talk show, showed her to be a knowledgeable and enthusiastic sports fan.

Of course, that's not the only thing she seems to be enthused about, as the video below will show you. (Probably not safe for your workplace. You've been warned).

Thanks to my pals, especially JP, over at FanHouse for the pointer.

Before Hedger got her nightly broadcasting gig, she was chosen, in 2001, to be a part of "U8TV: The Lofters", a crappy Canadian reality show where eight strangers lived together in a Toronto loft while also producing and hosting their own online television shows. It lasted only a year, and was watched by about four people.

I'm guessing more people would have watched if they had known Ledger was engaging in some hot girl-on-girl kissing, as seen in the video.

It's sloppy, but Hedger is clearly enjoying herself as much as you are enjoying watching the video.

Now, when is TSN going to make this their "Highlight of the Night", or at least the "TSN Turning Point"?

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1) That was disgusting!!!

Have anymore clips??? LOL
And she just gave a whole lotta tongue to her Sportsnet husband on Test the Nation.

That minx!
No fricking way! That was awesome. Golbez, you may have struck a gold mine here!
Hey, what about Martine Gaillard? She's my fave. Hedger looks a little bit like a terminator.
She's ok, but, she doesn't even come CLOSE to her predessesor, Hazel Mae for sexiest Sportsnet girl! (Sadly, now working in Boston, for the evil Red Sox :( )
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