Thursday, April 10, 2008


Mediot of the Day: Don Brennan

by Jes

I've been asked why I spent so much time and energy ranting about the Mainstream Mediots that pollute our airwaves, papers, and internets.

Want a prime example? How about Don Brennan of the Ottawa Sun. Yes, that's him in the picture. I apologize if you should happen to vomit.

It's one thing for a blogger like me to spout out nonsense, since I not paid to post anything here, nor do I have a mass audience. I am the face of my own blog, and not the face of a publication.

Today's Mediot of the Day takes the cake as far as utter stupidity and false bravado.

First, he called on the Ottawa Senators to take out Sidney Crosby's ankles ala Bobby Clarke circa 1972. Classy.

Then, when Pens' enforcer Georges Laraques called Brennan out on his stupidity, Brennan penned this garbage...

Seem to have created quite a media uproar with my win-at-all-costs way of thinking and suggestions that the Senators test Sidney Crosby's previously injured ankle by giving it a good whack, eh. We'll spare you details and instead focus on those we are all actually here to cover. Like 6-foot-3, 245-lb. Penguins enforcer Laraque, whom last week we heard Wild tough guy Derek Boogaard refer to as "freakishly strong."

Big Georges, who was quoted as calling yours truly "stupid," had this gem yesterday when asked about Senators targeting Crosby's tender joint. "I thought Slapshot was a movie, not reality." And who didn't like that classic?

By (the way) Georges, stupid? Call me that to my face.

For guys like Brennan, they are being paid by a large newspaper chain, and expose a wide audience to their nonsense while making their employer look like idiots.

Yes, Brennan is the typical mediot who wants to make himself the story, rather than the players or the game. Why would the fans care about some balding reporter with a chip on his shoulder is beyond me, but obviously this doofus seems to think he's more important than he is.

Is it any wonder why newspaper subscriptions continue to dwindle?

Can you imagine what would happen if Georgie did walk up to Brennan and call him 'stupid'?

Yeah, Brennan would crap his pants, run away with his tail between his legs, and then write a column about how much of a thug Laraques is. *sigh*

Tell you what, Brennan, if I ever have the mispleasure of coming face-to-face with you, I'll call you 'stupid', and many other names. How about I take out your typing fingers with a hammer? Would you like that?


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"So, with a full house of media and players looking on, Laraque spotted Brennan in the dressing room and marched over. “You wanted me to call you stupid to your face? Well, you're stupid,” he said, towering over the scribe."
1) Now did that incident with georges actually occur or was it a bloggers imagination?
2) If its real was any of this exchange on tape? Did Brennan meekly say: "Buy ya a soda after the game"? LOL
3) If a blogger had made such idiotic statements they would have been an example of why 'they' need to be segregated from the 'real' mainstream press.
Nice shirt Brennan where do you shop (goodwill)
Great posts and comments.
I'd love to have your insight over at
Hey wow, the spammer made it over here too.

Hells, if I see Brennan here in Raleigh next season, *I* will call him stupid to his face.
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