Sunday, April 06, 2008


Farewell, Trev

by Jes

I'll have more thoughts at a later date. For now, I've written a brief post over at FanHouse.

Time to mourn ... :(

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Where are the fangirls?

Okay, then I`ll get the ball rolling.

*squee!* Trevor! <3
Class never fades. *respectfully tips cap*
1) We're not canuck fans, so perhaps we don't have yopur same perspective, but from afar seems Linden was one of the more over rated players of his era.
Okay, so he never was a HUGE goal-scorer (being second place on franchise goals scored is more due to his length of service than sniper skillz).

Linden is loved for not only being one of the longest-serving Canucks, but a real class act on and off the ice as well. You know, the kind of stuff that doesn`t show up on the stat charts.
That was one classy night; the firststar, the handshakes; very moving! He said he wasnt sure if he was actually going to retire but, after all of that, he'd BETTER, or a lot of people will be looking kind of foolish! hehe
cutest wife ever!
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