Sunday, March 30, 2008


Why Can't I Get Excited About the Canucks?

by Jes

So, we've got a few games left in the season and the Canucks are in a race for the Western Conference's last playoff spot that is tighter than Hillary Clinton's ice-cold nether regions.

Despite this, I can't seem to get excited about it at all.

Have I just given up on the Canucks, much like the Canucks seem to have given up on the season?

Rank GP W L OT Pts GF GA Home Away L10

1 Detroit Red Wings* 79 52 20 7 111 248 175 27-9-3 25-11-4 7-2-1
2 San Jose Sharks* 78 47 21 10 104 210 182 20-13-6 27-8-4 8-0-2
3 Minnesota Wild* 79 42 28 9 93 214 211 23-11-5 19-17-4 5-2-3
4 Anaheim Ducks 79 44 27 8 96 195 184 26-9-4 18-18-4 6-3-1
5 Dallas Stars 78 43 29 6 92 230 196 22-15-2 21-14-4 2-7-1
6 Calgary Flames 78 40 28 10 90 216 215 21-11-9 19-17-1 5-5-0
7 Colorado Avalanche 79 42 31 6 90 221 211 26-12-2 16-19-4 5-5-0
8 Nashville Predators 79 39 31 9 87 222 221 22-14-4 17-17-5 4-5-1

9 Vancouver Canucks 78 38 30 10 86 203 200 20-12-5 18-18-5 4-6-0
10 Edmonton Oilers 80 40 34 6 86 231 247 23-16-1 17-18-5 6-3-1

While the Edmonton Oilers' are playing their asses off, the Canucks are almost content to get a head start on golfing.

Are the Canucks expecting a first round defeat? Why, then, is there a complete lack of caring and emotion out of most of the team?

I know, I know, it's not as if the Canucks can simply score at will. Still, watch the Canucks on any night and the effort just isn't there. Too many players just dont' truly seem to care.

Maybe that is why I am so apathetic about the team right now. If you are an Oilers fan, you can at least take heart in knowing that the team never gave up (assuming they miss the playoffs, which I bet they will).

The Hawks and Coyotes? They made real strides?

The Canucks? They turned into the Florida Panthers ... a great goalie and a mediocre team that won't go anywhere.

Makes you wonder if Luongo won't get GTFO out of here once his contract expires.

I hope GM Dave "No Action" Nonis is canned this off-season, and ownership doesn't simply let the injury excuse be used. I'm sorry, but the Canucks needed offensive help, and didn't get any.


I feel like I should just jump on a bandwagon this year and not invest too much emotion into the playoffs.

Montreal? They have Tomas Plekanec, but Quebecers hate me ;)
Boston? They have Milan Lucic, but they don't have a shot.
San Jose? zzzzz
Anaheim? Bunch of thugs!

Oh, I almost forgot that I did create the Sidney Crosby blog.

Time to jump onto my other bandwagon. w00t!!!

No, I don't have shame in doing so. Until the Canucks earn my respect and devotion again, I'll take my business elsewhere.

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This could also be taken word for word as to why I've turned off the Atlanta Thrashers for the season...
ha don't worry i'm on the crosby/pens bandwagon ( as well seeing as how the kings are worthless

nice blog, by the way! adding you to my NHL blogroll... any chance for a link exchange? (i cover all sports)

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