Sunday, March 09, 2008


Markus Naslund's Deep Decline

by Jes

To show you what kind of 'leadership' the Canucks have been getting from Markus Naslund this season, just consider what kind of stats Naslund has been putting up while his team fights for their playoff lives.

March 8 vs STL: 0-1-1 -1
March 6 vs. NAS: 0-0-0 -2
March 4 vs. COL: 0-0-0 -1
March 2 vs. CHI: 0-0-0 0
Feb 29 vs. COB: 0-0-0 -1
Feb 27 vs. COL: 0-0-0 0
Feb 23 vs. DET: 0-0-0 +1
Feb 21 vs. NAS: 0-0-0 0
Feb 19 vs. MIN: 1-0-1 0

Yeah, a whole lot of nothing.

Allow me to repeat myself a bit ...

Now, it's widely known that Naslund has been in a sulk ever since his boyfriend was dealt to the Panthers. There has been little fire in Naslund's game, and, although he won't admit it, he doesn't seem to enjoy being here.

I'm still willing to bet more than a few GMs think that Naslund's game will return once he gets to a situation where he can have the load of the C off of his chest and can be with a coach he gets along with.

Buyer beware. I believe Naslund is in a natural decline and won't just bounce back to his point-a-game levels.

1. Naslund's point totals have gone steadily down ... 104-84-79-60 and now 48 so far this season (on pace for about 53-55).

2. Naslund is approaching 35 years of age. Yes, some players are ageless, but most are not. Most 35-year old players are going to keep declining, and Naslund is no exception. His best days are behind him.

3. Just watch Naslund on the ice, and see that he is far from the most dangerous player on the ice. The laser-like wrist-shot is gone, replaced by a slapshot that NEVER WORKS. Naslund isn't even that fast, and rarely seems to create chances for other players like a good player should.

Oh, I'm sure Naslund can put up at least 50 points next season, but I bet he'll be paid way too much to do so.

Face it, folks, Naslund's only going to continue his downward spiral into old age (hockey wise, that is), and his lack of point production is not purely based on his mental state.

It's just too bad that he seems unwilling to show the fire necessary to carry the Canucks to bigger and better things. I can live with old age, but the lack of passion is unacceptable.

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Agreed 100%. ...and I'm Swedish.
He could continue to suck, but look at Bill Guerin last year. He miraculously came back to pop 30. If he can then so can anyone.
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