Tuesday, March 04, 2008


God Damn Ducks!

by Jes

While Teemu Selanne was contemplating retirement this past off-season, there were rumours that he hadn't been training at all, and was somewhat out of shape. After all, who wouldn't want to just relax, kick back, and drink an a few hundred alcoholic beverages after a long and grueling Stanley Cup run?

It's kind of hard to believe rumors like that when the guy can miss most of an NHL season, and then come back and look like he hasn't missed a beat. In 12 games, the Finnish Flash has 7 goals, 5 assists, and 37 shots on goal.

I wish I could be that out of shape :/

What was once a struggling team is absolutely on fire, as the Ducks have won their past six games and nine of their past ten. You know the Wings, Sharks, and Stars are certainly pooping their hockey pants at that the Ducks have found their groove as the playoffs near.

Anaheim at December 31st: 19-17-5, 8th in the West
Anaheim at March 4th: 38-23-7, 4th in the West

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And they still won't win the Pacific...pity
1) Barring injury, they appear to be be every bit as good as they were last season. As we wrote a month or so ago, They are the favourite to win the Cup again.
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