Friday, March 14, 2008


Friday's Frank Frothings

by Jes

Oh, I know I'm a negative Canucks fan, but this season is now officially over.

Sure, the Canucks might make the playoffs, but they certainly won't do anything substantial. I don't even expect an upset, unless the Canucks play Dallas (unlikely). Basically, a season of almost nothing.

Now, Mattias Ohlund couldn't bear the pain any longer and decided to have a season-ending operation. Canucks fans appreciate the effort he put in, and we know that he really didn't want to have to make that decision.

Krajicek, Miller, Ohlund are gone ... Salo is hurt, Bieksa is still not 100%, and the Canucks can't score. Basically, the Canucks are first round fodder.

Last night's 2-0 loss to the Coyotes was a perfect example of how our team doesn't seem to care enough. Not to discount the Coyotes, but most of the Canucks were clearly sleepwalking though last night's game. Apart from Burrows/Kesler and Luongo, who else seemed to want to win the game?

I wonder if it would be better for the Canucks to miss the playoffs. Then, GM Dave "No Action" Nonis might realize how weak his team really is, and do something of SUBSTANCE. None of this Brad Isbister/Marc Chouinard bullshit. Get us some real players! Don't waste Luongo's talent playing behind a bunch of flotsam. Really, is Luongo going to want to re-sign here when his contract expires? Doubtful.

For now, I am completely writing off the Canucks, and anything other than a first round exit will be a bonus. Set expectations low, and your heart won't get hurt.


When I look at other Western Conference second-tier teams, I see potential.

Colorado has Sakic (always $$$$$), Forsberg, and Adam Foote back in the fold. This team can explode in your face.

Minnesota is Minnesota ... well-coached, and always dangerous come playoff time. Sure, they struggle to score on a regular basis, but we know this team will quietly sneak up on your and steal your lollipop. They have good special teams, which always make a difference during the playoffs.

Phoenix? If they happen to make it, they'll have the 'nothing to lose' energy that is always so dangerous versus uptight teams with high expectations. Oh, and don't forget Ilya Bryzgalov and his Vezina-like play.

Hell, even Calgary has Miikka Kiprusoff discovering his old form, a great defence, and enough offence to make them a viable choice. Remember, this is a team that many expect to do better than they have, so we know they have the talent to do good things.

The Canucks? They have Roberto Luongo, and nothing else. That is why I have written them off.


When is the last time you heard the term "Jimmy Hat" in casual conversation?


More on Peter Stastny and his crusade.

I got an email from another friend of mine from Slovakia, and he added his thoughts on the situation. Keep in mind that my pal is also very anti-communist (as are most people who lived through the Soviets occupations), and is no fan of Siroky and his cronies.

The decision of Peter to open this cause was very stupid. I cannot understand why he sent a copy to Bettman and Hay, who have nothing to do with Slovak hockey hall of fame. A lot of people (in Slovakia) support him but most ones are very disappointed to combine political policy with their most favorite sport.

Peter Stastny was a very respected athlete and personality by all Slovaks. But his first conflict (two years ago) with hockey officials confused a lot of his fans. I can understand that he has a conflict with Siroky, but nobody can explain me why he pulls in other officials and players to his personal conflict.

In my opinion, Siroky is and especially was a real asshole who collaborated with former regime and worked for secret police. However, his present work for Slovak hockey is accepted by most people.

I must remind you to one fact ... that Stastny worked as GM of national team in period 2003-06. Do you know who was a president of Slovak hockey federation? Of course Siroky.

Why Stastny collaborated with such person when he has known him pretty well? Why he accepted good salary from federation when he knew its boss? This conflict started two years ago when the federation has not extended the contract with Stastny.

BTW, Peter knew only players on NHL and had no idea about Europe-skating players. To be ironic he has confused first names of several young NHL-ers e.g. Jurcina and Meszaros.

My friend makes an excellent point. Stastny surely know the kind of man Siroky was during his days with the hockey federation. Why, then, is it only now that Peter comes out with such allegations? Why didn't he turn down the job if he has such a high moral standard?

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Here's a question for ya Jes... When was Stastny's email to Facel sent? When was the past of Siroky exposed?

As a Czech, former Czechoslovak (sic) I am curious, as I firmly still stand by Stastny as a multi-national hero.

Any enlightenment from you or your Slovak contacts is appreciated.


Dan Rakusan

The email was not timestamped or dated, so I can't give you an exact date.

My contact says that they received it, themselves, on March 9th. So, it likely would have been sent on that day or the previous few's certainly recent
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