Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Dave Nonis's Deadline Day Dud

by Jes

The swap of Matt Cooke for Matt Pettinger was basically a trade of two players that fell out of favour with their coaches. One used doorMatt for another.

While I was never a fan of Matt Cooke, I'm wondering if there is a small chance that we could get a mulligan on this deal.

I have been less-than-impressed with Matt Pettingzoo, as he shows nothing except an above-average set of wheels. Dude is 27, and has never had more than 38 points in a season. Like Cooke, Pettingzoo really doesn't seem to fit much of a role with the team, given that he's not good offensively, defensively, or physically.

Since the deal ...

Cookie: 2GP 1-2-3 +2
Pettinger: 4GP 0-0-0 -1

Pettingzoo hasn't had a goal in 32 games and has just 2 in 60 games this season. Pathetic! Even George Laraques has 3! There is nothing really to suggest that Pettinger is going to start scoring at a good pace, either.

For all of his faults, at least Cooke played with some aggression, and can lay out a few hits. On a team that lacks fire, Cooke stood out for stirring up the pot.

I don't get why Alain Vigneault was upset that Cooke didn't fight enough. Was it Marc Crawford or Brian Burke that said Cooke was the worst fighter in the NHL?

Whoever it was, the statement is pretty much spot-on, and wanting Cooke to fight was just inviting the guy to get smacked around. Even Wayne Gretzky would have a good shot at taking down the Cookie Monster.

I understand why Nonis got rid of Cooke and his bloated (soon-to-expire) contract, but why get back damaged goods? The Canucks already have enough disappointing players (Isbister, Ritchie) that clearly bring nothing to the table, and the last thing the team needed was just another warm body.

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I hope the Canucks don't make the playoffs so ownership can, rightfully, fire Nonis.

The worst crime is how boring and passionless his team is - just like him. Conservative and lackluster, lacking confidence, etc.

I suspect Richards *could* have been had, then we could jettison Naslund at the end of the year. Now, the way things are going Nonis may even consider re-signing him as their are so few good free agents available this summer.

Bring back Brian Burke!!
The worst fighter in hockey? Have they met Adam Burish before?
It's logically impossible to call Cooke the worst fighter in hockey because there is no data upon which to base that assessment.
It would be like calling Sid the worst pole vaulter.
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