Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Wednesday Wonderings

by Jes

Not long after the scary Richard Zednik incident, came another very close call in last night's Oilers/Wild tilt.

Look at the picture above, and you can see Gaborik's skate hit Ethan Moreau in the face, right around the eye. *shudder*

Fortunately for Moreau, he simply got a little gash, and was right back on the ice after a little medical treatment.

Still, it's another fine example of an injury that could have been prevented with a properly-worn visor. Given all that Moreau has been through with injuries, why does he still insist on playing without a shield?


TSN, aka Toronto Sports Network, has way too many experts on Deadline Day, and too many of them are empty heads. Mike Milbury has shown himself to be a know-nothing blowhard, and Glenn Healy's ego is so big that he makes Bob MacKenzie look like an Olsen Twin.

So, showing their Toronto bias, TSN goes ahead and gets ... John Ferguson Jr as yet another 'expert'

Let's see, do I really want to hear what that guy has to say when analyzing a trade? Given how the guy made plenty of poor trades and free agents signings during his reign of error, he's one of the last guys that I want to hear from as an 'expert' on any trade evaluation.

"I made many trades over 10 deadlines in management with St. Louis and Toronto," Ferguson says. "I look forward to plying a new trade with TSN this deadline."
Apart from offering an inside-the-head look at what a GM feels like after getting reamed in the ass, what is JFJ really going to offer that is of substance? Bring back Maggie the Monkey-like animal.


Over at The NHL FanHouse, I take a look at whether making a big deadline deal is worth the cost.

In short, Stanley Cup winners are not built on deadline day, and the sellers almost always win out. If Cliff Fletcher is smart, he'll absolutely rob some desperate team out of a bag of draft picks for 2-3 months of Mats Sundin.

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Cuz Moreau is not a sissy Euro! THAT'S WHY! ;)
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