Monday, February 04, 2008


Stupor Bowl: So Much for a Perfect Season, eh?

by Jes

So, it turns out last night's Super Bowl set a ratings record for the event as millions (and millions) of The Rock's fans tuned in to see if New England could pull it off.

Well, we know they didn't do it, and the Giants pulled off the upset. Thus, the 42nd Super Bowl will not be as special as it could have been. Think about it: If New England wins, everyone talks about the PERFECT Super Bowl and the PERFECT Patriots. Since the Giants won, it's just a nice upset, but that's it.

The New York Giants' thrilling win over the New England Patriots was the most-watched Super Bowl ever, with 97.5 million viewers, Nielsen Media Research said Monday.

The game had almost all the ingredients Fox could have hoped for: a tight contest with an exciting finish involving a team that was attempting to make history as the NFL's first unbeaten team since 1972.

But the Giants ended New England's bid for perfection, 17-14. Throughout the game, the teams were never separated by more than a touchdown.

Fox is owned by News Corp. The average price of an ad was $2.7 million for 30 seconds.

  • Now, many will state that the 'cheating' New England Patriots got what they deserved. As much as I don't condone the cheating, I have to laugh at people who think the New York Giants, or any of the other NFL clubs, are pure and white as snow.

    How many NY Giants are pumped up on steroids, HGH, and other lab-produced chemicals? Do you think other clubs don't pull some FBI tactics out of their ass? C'mon, we all know that every NFL club will cheat as much as they can get away with.
  • The game, itself, was the usual boring NFL brand of football we've all come to know and hate. Little offense, little flow, and a lot of low-yardage plays. Take away the final play of the game, and what do you get? Exactly.
  • It was quite interesting and kinda 'WTF?' to see the Patriots offensive line just completely pwned by the Giants. Did Brady not feed his boys enough KFC? You could see Tom Brady was just hella frustrated the entire game, and now we have the TOM BRADY "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING!!" FACE.

  • How did Eli Manning get Super Bowl MVP? C'mon!!! The guy did nothing for 8/10 of the fricking game!! Strahan and that Tuck guy were having their way with the Patriots' offense. One of them should have easily walked away with the award.

  • At first, I was kinda laughing at the NFL for getting Tom Petty for their half-time show, instead of somebody a little more relevant and current. Then, I realize that I appreciate the fact that they went out and got a little quality, rather than some air-brushed 'star' that we'll forget about in two years time. Petty isn't a HUGE name, but the show they put on was pretty solid.

  • Don't feel sorry for Brady, I'm sure he got plenty of hot supermodel ass after the game.

  • I'm willing to bet American women would pay six figures for some of the sperm from Eli and Peyton Manning's father's loins.
  • Labels:

    1) We agree that manning was a poor MVP choice. More for the sentimental value of the choice, etc.
    2) The entire Giants defensive line deserved the award! THEY were the difference.
    How could you say it was a boring game. You obviously don't know a good football game. The reason Eli got the MVP was that fourth quarter drive to win the game.
    At least the game gave you another opportunity to bash Amerikans. That's always good, eh?
    Wow. You really should stick to hockey. I am Canadian and I cringe at the way you love to lump people together into categories ignorantly. But hey, it's your opinion and it reflects on you. Go Giants!! Oh and another thing, if you watch the game on the american channel, ie, CBS, ABC, don't you get the american commericals? That's how it is in Quebec and parts of Ontario I have lived in.
    That was a brutal game salvaged by one crazy scramble and an even crazier catch.
    But like the previous poster, I enjoyed watching the game on "the american channel, ie. CBS, ABC." I especially enjoyed how Tiger Woods drove the Giants down the fairway in the 4th quarter, only to have the Pistons jam him at the free-throw line.
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