Friday, February 15, 2008


Quebec Language Nazis Strike Again!

by Jes

When you walk into an Irish Pub, what do you expect? Low lighting, a pint of Guinness or Harp, perhaps a few TVs with the game on, perhaps some folk music, dancing, and probably lots of Irish paraphernalia.

Certainly, you don't expect Poutine, Ambrée aux piments forts, et Pot au feu.

Of course, that doesn't stop the Quebec Language Nazis from going to work, claiming an Irish Pub to be an enemy of the Republic.

The Office de la langue francaise (OLF) issued the order to McKibbins Irish Pub on Feb. 6, informing the tavern it was violating Quebec's language charter by displaying the imported vintage posters.

The wall hangings include vintage advertisements for Guinness and St. James Gate Dublin, imported from Ireland.

McKibbins owner Rick Fon told CBC News he will not take the posters down because they serve as decoration, not to advertise beer.

Once again, we see a great load of hypocrisy from the Language Nazis.

Aren't the Francophones hell-bent on preserving their 'culture'? Why, then, must be enforce their culture and language on others? Certainly, you are not going to see and hear a lot of FRENCH in a genuine Irish Pub.

Much like most religions around the world, The Quebec Language Nazis play the persecution card, but have no problem persecuting others and trying to assimilate the 'heathens' into their mindless collective.

I hope the pub fights this idiocy and I hope the pub goers get behind their little watering hole.

Of course, they are up against a bunch of whackos that think the captain of Montreal's hockey team should be forced to learn and speak French.

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I wish you'd stick with hockey.

I get the feeling you're too boorish a man to tackle these issues.
Well, Marc-Antoine, why not respond to my post with some actual feedback? Boorish guys need to be educated, do they not? :)

Am I not right? Aren't the Francophone nazi types (not saying all Francophones, btw) trying to 'assimilate' others, despite the fact they rail against such treatment from the Anglophones?
How about a really cool artical about peter forsberg and horseracing? it has all your basic criteria.

1- Played for an american team
2- Avalanche player
3- Kills the canucks about every time he plays them.

I already covered the Forsberg story over at FanHouse

And you forgot #4 - Swede :)

Back to the topic at hand, Jes I'm French Canadian and I read that article exactly the way you intended it and I completely agree. Your not going after the French, your going after French politicians who take a non-issue and turn it into a language/culture issue and then turn it into a rascism issue all for the sake of keeping themselves relevant and employed.

I've lived for prolonged amounts of time in QC,ON,AB,BC and I only see a distinct culture in one of those provinces. Not meant to be a shot at those other provinces where the people themselves are the major difference, but Quebec has its own world; its own store chains, its own product lines, its own television networks & music labels ect.. ect.. And it's great. It makes living there a unique experience in this country, so I'm hardly going to be convinced that it's on the verge of extinction and the language laws have are what's kept it alive up to this point.
Couldn't agree more. Two words come to mind when I think of the political opportunism of such a lame, attention-grabbing stunt: Shane Doan.
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