Monday, February 18, 2008


It's Beer ... In a Puck Hat!

by Jes

While you may think the latest trend in hockey wear will be ads on NHL sweaters (it'll happen soon, trust me), the real trend-setters will be wearing something else.

For years, baseball fans have had the helmet with the cups on the side that allowed them easy hands-free access to their alcaholic beverage of choice.

Now? Hockey fans have something much better. Yes, the RoFo Hockey Puck Headgear

One-Size-Fits-Most. When worn… the wearer’s head acts as a fulcrum for the encircled beverage. The beverage act as a liquid gyroscope - finding its own center of gravity during the gyrations and twisting of the wearer’s head. While worn on an individual’s head, a second person can simply operate the spigot, and dispense a beverage. In addition, the RoFo HOCKEY PUCK Headgear is great for tailgate parties, at picnics, on the beach, during In-line and Street Hockey events, at Gen Con, at the races, or at an intimate Soirée. Hubba, Hubba, Hubba!!!
Go figure that the guy who invented this lives in Milwaukee. Wear one of these babies and I'm sure all the hot chicks will just flock to drink your juices.

The biggest potential problem is now to sneak this device inside of a NHL arena. Unless you can hide the tap somehow, I'm sure the securidroids won't let you wear the beer dispensing puck into the arena. Heavens forbid that you cheap out the NHL club $25 bucks on two NyQuil cups of beer.

I know what you want for your birthday!
That's some pretty clear beer he's got going there. Even when you sneak it into the arena they find a way to water it down ;)
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