Saturday, February 09, 2008


Caption This Photo: Pain in Leafland

by Jes

In celebration of Hockey Day in Canada, let's partake in one of our nation's finest traditions: raggin' on the Leafs.

How about giving us a good caption for this photo? It's just begging for a creative description. Yes, their pain is my pleasure.

(c) Getty Images, 2007

I think Maurice is pondering what to put on his updated resume.

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Uggg only 3 games behind the nucks
"Stamkos will look great in blue and white"
#52 - Where's my balls?
Maurice: "I wonder if I left the iron on?"
Damn I can't get that Leafs Suck song out of my head.
And that's when Robbie Earl finally saw where the Leafs were in the standings...
Dude! Did you just fart?

Nah man, I think it's just Coach Mo's breath.
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