Friday, January 18, 2008


Video: 2 Man Advantage at The Winter Classic

by Jes
The dudes from The 2 Man Advantage are back with another video. This time, they headed to the Winter Classic and hung around with some of the zanier fans.

Beer and bathrobes in sub-zero temperatures? Only in the NHL ... only in the NHL

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Hey Jes, I'm sure the boys at t2ma have thanked you for showing their videos, but I want to personally thank you.

I saw the first episode here, and became a fan. Then I was visiting Long Island and happened to see Scotty on the LIRR and just babbled at him "I love your show!" and told him that Hockey Rants is where I saw it.

Now t2ma have saved my fantasy team and provided me with lots of laughs.

Thanks, Jes!
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