Tuesday, January 08, 2008


New Uniforms, White at Home?

by Jes

Over at The FanHouse, G.W. muses about how he thinks home teams ought to go back to wearing WHITE uniforms at home, rather than the darker versions they do now.

I know that the League had worn dark uniforms at home in the past, but that doesn't mean it's the right look. In fact, it flies in the face of the most basic tenets of classic drama: The good guys wear white, the villains wear the dark colors. Well, that was until "Return of the Jedi," when Luke's black outfit was outwardly symbolic of his internal conflict between destiny and duty and ... I'll stop

As you'll recall, the NHL decided to buck recent standards and made teams wear their 'road' uniforms at home, and then wear white on the road. This was all designed to sell more darker uniforms, and the GM's don't seem to be in a hurry to switch.

I have to say that I've grown on having the darker uniforms at home, as it gives the team more colour and distinction. Look at the Calgary Flames when they play a home game. Almost the entire crowd seems to be wearing red, and it gives their stadium an unique look. The Canucks have their sea blue and green, while the Oilers have their dark blue look. Each of the Canadian teams has a very distinctive colour scheme which really shows when they are in their home barns.

If every team wears white at home, then each arena and crowd becomes that much more generic, right?

Since every team has a white version of their uniforms, it would make sense, to me, to have them wear that version on the road. The enemy, as Greg would say, can be the generic white-washed unit while the home team is the one with colour and personality.

Let the darker uniforms continue to be used at home. It's one decision that the NHL made right, so why go back on it?

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Agree with you here, Jes. The darker colours for home jerseys are much more interesting in my opinion, particularly those with a couple of different colours in the scheme (like the Canucks or the Habs). I was very happy when the league switched to the current system.
1) Why not choose jersey color the way the NFL does it. The home team decides which color jersey they want to wear for each game?
1) Why not choose jersey color the way the NFL does it. The home team decides which color jersey they want to wear for each game?

I think the league allows this sometimes. I seem to remember the Oilers and Canucks occasionally playing with the home-away colour scheme reversed the past couple of seasons. The "Winter Classic" was the same thing, with Buffalo wearing white.

I remember hearing the reason this isn't done more often is that teams don't want to have to cart around a whole extra set of jerseys as luggage on road trips. For what it's worth.
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