Thursday, December 20, 2007


Where Would YOU Put an Expansion Team?

by Jes

We all love to argue about why the NHL should relocate this franchise to that place and why we shouldn't expand to Arkansas.

Well, over at The NHL FanHouse, I put together a list of four cities that I would choose for expansion, if I was given THE POWA!!!

1. Las Vegas
2. Hamilton
3. Houston
4. Seattle

Surprise you at all?

Go check out the article, as I give my reasons for selecting those cities. I believe all four would be profitable and successful. As much as I'd love to see Winnipeg with an NHL club, they just don't have the corporate support necessary.

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Where the sun don`t shine on Bettman.

Expansion? What about the teams that aren`t pulling in people NOW?

Should be relocation, not expansion.
1) We agree with Aurian. Before ANY expansion the league should have about 2-3 teams relocate. Definitely 1-2 back to Canada.
2) Expansion into Vegas just has too many potential pitfalls. There has to be a reason there is no major sports team there now. Houston? Another sun belt problem waiting to happen. We like Seattle. They have some hockey history to draw from along with a fairly affluent populous to support a team
Actually, other than Hamilton, I don't think any other Canadian city is really big enough to support another NHL team. Winnipeg and Quebec City (two of the more mentioned destinations) have metro area populations in the 600k's. That's not very big.

Honestly my list would go:
1.) Seattle (especially if Sonics leave)
2.) Hamilton
3.) Las Vegas (Cities with only 1 professional team do extremely well, See Portland Trailblazers)
4.) Cleveland, (but not until after LeBron leaves )
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