Sunday, December 23, 2007


Satan hits 666 O NOES!!!!111

by Jes

Do you feel a sense of evil in the air this morning? Are the dogs in your neighbourhood barking lustily? Is your shower raining blood?

Yes, our favourite son of Lucifer hit the magic 666 mark last night with a goal against the Capitals last night.

Over at the FanHouse, Big Mac basically echoes my thoughts.

You see, Satan's 10th goal of the regular season was also the 666th point of his relatively successful NHL career. And 666, as anyone who has watched The Omen, The Exorcist or The Ninth Gate, or is simply up on their Bible study can tell you, that's the famed "Mark of the Beast" that represents the Anti-Christ.

I'm sure Satan will be the target of some more good natured ribbing in the coming days. In the meantime, we can all still hold out for the night that Lou Lamoriello makes all our dreams come true, and acquires Satan for the New Jersey Devils.

Hopefully, Satan gets another point soon before we have Armageddon. It might be a good idea to lock the doors and have a baseball bat ready.

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He's also got 6 points in 6 games for a 6 game point streak :)
Have you ever noticed this?

That is the link to him on Yahoo Sports. Creepy.....
What about this?
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