Friday, December 14, 2007


Mike Richards' Lifetime Contract

by Jes

I thought it was just the New York Islanders that handed out insane long-term deals. 10 years for Yashin, 15 years for DiPietro, any amount of years for GM Garth Snow ... and then the Philadelphia Flyers come along and join the game to see who can make the bat-shit craziest deal of them all.

Mike Richards, a pretty decent young player, is, apparently, so good that the Flyers wanted to own his soul for eternity.

Centre Mike Richards, who has emerged as one of the league's top two-way forwards this season, has signed a contract extension with the Philadelphia Flyers.

"I want to be here, I love the city, I love the organization and when I was given the opportunity I was excited to be here over the next twelve years," Richards relayed to the Associated Press.

TSN has learned it is a 12-year extension for $69 million that averages out at $5.75 million per year for the cap hit.

"It is a unique contract for a unique player," said Pat Morris, the agent that represents Richards, told the Associated Press. "I don't think that it will set off a trend for other players by any means."
A unique contract? Mr. DiPietro says 'Hi'.

A unique player? There are lots of players similar to Richards. Sidney Crosby, he is not.

Now, Richards will be 34-35 when this deal runs out, which is essentially his playing career. to that effect, This is truly a lifetime contract.

Now, I know some GM's are afraid of losing their bright young stars, but this seems just a tad silly. If I am a GM, I'd like to have flexibility, and who knows what could go wrong in TWELVE fricking years.

I can also see the benefit of such a deal, given that Richards is a piece of prime rib and by the end of this contact, $5mil will probably be a paltry sum as inflation rate skyrocket.

Whatdya think? Smart or crazy?

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That kind of money is for a guy who will put up big numbers every year. Richards very well might do it, but it's a little premature to be banking on it imo.

I would have signed him up to 1 year before ufa status, then if he's still producing those kinds of numbers you can sign him to that kind of deal.

The DP deal by the Islanders was a good price, but the guy got a serious concussion in the 1st year and he doesn't even have to take bodychecks.. that's a pretty risky deal.
1) So should we expect a ton of apologies to the Islanders and Charles Wang? Wasn't it a little over a year ago that the entire NHL(including the Flyers GM Bob Clark) were deriding the Islanders move to lock up their franchise player for a double digit length deal?
2) We wonder if the sanity of Mr. Snyder and Holmgren will be questioned like it was Snow/Wang only a year earlier
I did see a printout of the payout per year, and it's heavily front-end loaded; at the end, it's only $3 mil/year...
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