Friday, December 28, 2007


Live Game Recap: Canucks 5, Flames 3

By Jes

Last night's 5-3 Vancouver Canucks win over the Calgary Flames was my first live game of the season. It might be my last, too, unless someone wants to donate to my unregistered charity ;)

The play was sloppy like cafeteria chili, and the Canucks were out-chanced most of the night, but they won and that's all that matters.

Some random thoughts ...

1. Mike Weaver is below-average in just about every facet of the game. If you don't get nervous when he is on the ice, please have your emotion chip checked.

2. You HAVE to see Daniel Sedin's spin-o-rama goal. Nice!

3. Dion Phaneuf (what a dumb name, eh?) continues to climb my chart of people I want to see injured. Not only does he have that permanent sourpuss look on his ugly face, but he never finishes what he starts. At least Avery drops the gloves often enough.

4. The boos for Mike Keenan and "Keenan Sucks" chants would have brought a tear to my eye if I was capable of that emotion.

5. The new line of Pyatt-Raymond-Jaffray had some wicked offensive chemistry together. Do we *Gasp* have the makings of an actual second line? Sub in Morrison for Jaffray when Mo returns from injury and the Canucks may get some scoring from somebody who isn't Swedish

6. A big FU to the concession stand lady that gave my girlfriend a cup of Sprite that had about 90% ice in it. Talk about cheap ass.

7. When people fill out those credit card apps for the free T-shirt, do they actually give real information? Do these kiosks verify this? I'm tempted to sign up under a fake name and score myself some merch.

8. Remember when Owen Nolan used to be a great player? With Trevor Linden, we've seen his slow decline first-hand. With Nolan, it's different since we don't see him nearly as much. Before the lockout, he's good. After the lockout, he sucks eggs.

9. Canucks' mascot Fin (boo!!) is breeding. Ugh.

10. Alex Burrows, the Phil Bourque of the YouTube generation.
(I bet none of the YouTube generation will get that reference)

11. The Canucks are now selling carved beef sandwiches. Nice to see them expanding the menu, but I'm not paying $9.25 for a sub-standard deli product.

12. I very much enjoyed throwing popcorn at a barky Flames fan, and the peeps in front of me took it one step further and threw peanut shells. Then the ushers came, and we were scolded for being mean. Awww :( Don’t' be coming into our corporate-named building and get all squawky crow with us, ma'am.

13. Fan highlight of the night: Two girls were dancing and were caught on the in-stadium cam to win some prize. The final freeze frame caught one of them giving the finger to a Flames

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Those credit card people do verify your info by checking your driver's license. That didn't stop me from being a part-time physics student at UBC who made $80,000 last year though!
Is anyonelse tired of the "man crush" the hockey media in this country has on Phanouf?
As a life-long Pittsburgher, I get the Bourque reference. But then, I don't count myself in the Youtube generation, as Jes would know.

(Phil is now the radio color guy for the Penguins and has been for the past 3 years.)
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