Wednesday, December 12, 2007


The Beatty Connection

by Greg

Jes gently suggested that perhaps I might write something for this blog, to, you know, justify the fact that my name still appears on it. So I was all set to write something up about the Thrashers' pickup of Mark Recchi, how it was a ridiculous desperation move, Recchi's done, etc etc. Then I got busy with errands this morning, busy with work this evening, it never got done, and Recchi's scored two goals (so far) in tonight's game. So I kind of dodged a bullet there. Waddell's a genius, I tip my hat to him, and so forth.

Unfortunately, that leaves me really without any post (unless I want to switch gears really fast and praise the Recchi pickup), since I've been too busy to really take note of hockey in three or four weeks. I know Milan Hejduk had an amazing game, HC Zlin signed Tomas Kloucek for the full season (good move, chaps!), but beyond that... anything? Sidney Crosby made his first appearance in Western Canada, which I gather was the most important thing to happen since independence, but...

So instead, the lamest of all possible posts after an absence measured in weeks: separated at birth. Last weekend, I watched the first half or so of Warren Beatty's umpteen-hour epic, "Reds." Every time Beatty (as John Reed) was on screen, I was a bit bothered by a nagging sense of familiarity, but I couldn't place it.

Beatty, right

Tonight, I was looking at the HC Zlin web page, hoping for Kloucek news (and hoping I'd magically learned Czech, so that I could read the Kloucek news), when it hit me:

Erstwhile Hockey Rants favorite Jaroslav Balastik!

Ok, that's all I've got. Go Thrashers! Go Recchi!

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When you start comparing movie stars to hockey players, you are seriously geeky and/or burnt out from too much work.

take it easy, grab a Czechvar, and watch the Thrashers once in awhile.
"grab a Czechvar" -- now you're just taunting me.

I swear -- watch "Reds." It's UNCANNY.
"since I've been too busy to really take note of hockey in three or four weeks"

wtf is that. The kind of fans that could one day bring a hockey team away from people too busy to pay attention and back to somewhere in Canada, that's what.
On Wednesday Zlin comes to town. So I get to see Balastik AND Kloucek AND Turek AND crazy Igor Murin AND of course the master himself, Tomas Vak. Anybody jealous?
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