Tuesday, November 13, 2007


WTF Are They Smoking in Dallas?

by Jes
Brett Hull

So, Tom Hicks couldn't hold his wad and fired Doug Armstrong as GM of the Stars. The Stars were .500, but a case could be made for canning Armstrong, given how cruddy the Stars' future looks.

His replacements? Les Jackson and ... BRETT HULL?!?


Dallas Stars Chairman of the Board and Owner Thomas O. Hicks announced this afternoon that Brett Hull and Les Jackson have been named Interim Co-General Managers to run the Stars’ Hockey Operations for the remainder of the season. Earlier today Hicks announced that he relieved Doug Armstrong from his duties as General Manager of the hockey club.

“Brett Hull and Les Jackson are both people that I know and trust to do a great job and run our hockey club for the remainder of the season,” said Hicks. “They are very good hockey people and know the business well. They have complementary skill sets and successful hockey leadership records.

“It’s early in the season and I am convinced they are the right people to provide direction, vision, management and guidance that get this team positioned to win another division crown.”
Brett Hull has been out of hockey for just a couple of years, and is suddenly qualified to be co-GM of a hockey club? aye, aye aye. Hicks' stupidity knows no bounds. I mean, this is the guy who did give Alex Rodridguez enough money to buy the Mir space station.

This should be interesting to say the least. I wonder just how much power and sway Hull will have in the operations of the hockey club.

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Couldn't be any worse than Garth Snow...or could it? Maybe Hull signs his buddy Modano to a 25 year, no trade clause, deal.
E.J. Hradek at ESPN cited a lack of support for Armstrong within the organization. Normally I'd blame it on the Texas heat, but I think my new excuse will be something about losing a soccer bet to George Gillett. No word as to whether this will affect Hull's other organizational title, "The Ambassador of Fun."
Couldn't be any worse than Hull's buddy Gretzky, who signed a decrepit Claude Lemieux to a multi-year, muli-million-dollar parachute. Or any number of retreads that retired to the desert during the Gretzky regime.
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