Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Tuesday's Thoughts: Flyers Goon it Up

by Jes

After what happened between Flyers d-man Randy Jones and Bruins forward Patrice Bergeron, you'd figure that the Philadelphia Flyers might exercise a little caution in last night's rematch

But, as we know, the goonish mentality is alive and well in the City of Brotherly Love. (Hat tip to Mirtle for the video link)

Philadelphia's Scott Hartnell was given a five-minute boarding penalty and a game misconduct for hitting defenceman Andrew Alberts at 14:22 of the second period. Andrews left the game with an unspecified head injury and will be evaluated on Tuesday.

Boston's Zdeno Chara said that his team decided not to retaliate after Alberts was injured.

"It's something we talked about," Chara said. "We probably ended up with some bruises, but we have two points and that's the most important thing right now. It's up to the league to address things like that."

Hartnell said that the hit on Alberts was not deliberate.

"I did not try to hurt him," Hartnell explained. "There was no intent at all. I am not that type of player. If you look at all the games this year and past years, I finish my checks every time I have an opportunity."

Not deliberate? From the little highlight we do see (near the end), Hartnell was absolutely rocketing towards Alberts with the full intention of doing some damage. While I defended Jones' hit on Bergergon, I believe Hartnell's hit was fully intended to injure the Bruins' player, and a very lengthy suspension ought to be on the way.

Dark Knight Edit: Hartnell gets a two game suspension. The NHL's idiocy knows no end.

Other goodies over at the NHL FanHouse ...

1. We have a new contributor in Kevin Schultz (from Barry Melrose Rocks). His debit column is a beauty, as he gives Gary Bettman some tips on how to run his new radio show.

2. Imagine winning a hard-to-come-by Nintendo Wii, and then dying on the way to pick up your prize. Well, that's what happened to one poor kid at a Providence Bruins game. Greg Wyshynski has all the gory details.

3. Rome continues to burn as rumours surface that JFJ wanted to fire Paul Maurice, but couldn't. More Steve Simmons bullshit or the real deal? We report, YOU DECIDE!! Muhahaha

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1) Hartnell would probably be better served with keeping his mouth shut than spewing the nonsense that he was just finishing his check. Bull shit!
2)This one seemed much more premeditated(preventable) than the Jones hit on Bergeron.
3) Should we be impressed that the Bruins chose to not retaliate? Some may say yes, but at what point do they continue to 'just take it'? Not saying 'Big Z' should try to run a guy (he could probably easily kill someone if he was so inclined), but to simply 'turn the other cheek' is a mistake in our opinion.
4) As for Hartnell, he'll get 10 games. We can't buy into the fining/suspension for the coach/GM. yes, the Flyers have been involved in a few of these, but unless/until you can prove they were instructed(See Burke-Bertuzzi) to hurt another player, only the player should be punished

Two things:
1) We always find it amusing how we refer to ourselves in the third person.

2) Has there every been evidence that Burke told Bertuzzi to hurt another player? Maybe I'm the uneducated, uninformed person here, but I don't think we've got any proof, just hearsay. The same as we've got in the Flyer's mess.
1) Sheldon: We find it amusing when folks (especially those with a name such as yours) find it necessary to discuss one's writing style
2) No one here said that "Burke told Bertuzzi" anything. It IS though part of an ongoing legal issue. Thanks for the input Shelly.
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