Thursday, November 01, 2007


Koivu Unfairly Targeted by Separatist Morons

Certain Quebec politicians certainly do their best to score political points by picking on non-French hockey players. (Just ask Shane Doan)

The latest BS to come out of the Poutine province is some whining that captain Saku Koivu doesn't parlez le francais.

Saku Koivu's response was a simple one when he was asked yesterday why he doesn't address Montreal hockey fans in French – "I'm not perfect."

The Montreal Canadiens captain's lack of spoken French has cropped up occasionally as an issue over the past few seasons.

This week, it was Quebec City lawyer Guy Bertrand who spoke out about it in front of a provincial commission studying the so-called reasonable accommodation of minorities and immigrants.

Parti Québécois leader Pauline Marois went one step further by affirming the Canadiens should insist on French courses for its players.

Hmm, do you think many free agents to be would be clamouring to sign with the Canadiens if they had to learn French?

Honestly, Saku should have just told Bertrand and his cronies to go fuck themselves, and then told the media, "If you want me to speak French, then ask me questions in Finnish."

Saku, whose native language is FINNISH, a language vastly different than most other world languages, took the time and effort to learn our English, the language of the vast majority of NHL media, fans, and players. He has certainly worked hard to adapt to the North American lifestyle and has provided the Habs faithful with many years of great play.

Oh, let's not forget that little cancer thing he had to fight. That didn't take a whole lot of time and effort, did it?

Last time I checked, Canada has two official languages, one of which most people speak and one of which very few do. As long as Koivu speaks one, which he does, then he's certainly more than capable to captain a North American hockey club. As much as certain morons would like it to be so, it's not the law that one must speak French to live and work in Quebec.

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how he puts up with the media in that city i'll never know. why would anyone want to play there? if you're not french, you can never make up for it. and if you are french they will find a reason to hate you even more.
it's not the law that one must speak French to live and work in Quebec.
Unless you're a store owner, in which case your sign better have the french wording in big letters. Or you're an immigrant, in which case you must enrol your children in a francophone school.
I'd like to know why the Rest of Canada doesn't stick up for anglophone rights in Quebec. Disgraceful.
Hey, why don't we just stop preserving French in Quebec and become completely assimilated like the rest of Canada and the US. You people are clueless. The intentions of Bertrand and Marois are good at heart, but very misplaced. Leave politics out of professional sport. It gains nothing.
1) We don't live in Canada, but have traveled extensively in your beautiful country.
2) The tension that this story, and the reaction it understandably resulted in, correlates with the very palpable tensions that even an outsider feels when you go to Quebec/the Franco-phone areas in Canada.
The sensible answer to this issue would be to teach both English and French across the country. Many countries in Europe train their children in multiple languages (Koivu's homeland of Finland has students learn three languages, the others usually being Swedish and English).

Too bad sense flew out the window around the time of the Plains of Abraham.
Doogie, I can tell you're not Canadian. You need a second language at at least grade 11 level in order to get into most universities. In BC, anyway. The vast majority of students end up taking french because of this. Most Canadians speak a little french at least, even if they suck at it.
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