Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Hot Uncensored Leaf Action

by Greg

Pity poor Jiri Tlusty -- in a matter of weeks he's gone from "the guy who scored two goals in his debut" to "the naked guy on the internet."
I kind of wonder what sort of draft-pick orientation process the Leafs have -- I'd figure that "don't take naked pictures of yourself and send them to a girl" would be pretty high on the advice list.

Despite the apologies, I've yet to find anyone outraged by this (admittedly, I haven't looked too hard) -- reactions tend to range from amused to "leave the kid alone." I sort of side with the second one, though obviously not enough to not write about it. If idiotic (though fully-clothed) photos were a crime, I'd be doing hard time.

There's a bit of interest to be found in the contrasting coverage -- the Sun seems to be going with the full-on British tabloid approach (somewhere Rupert Murdoch is reading the "Lusty Tlusty" headline and feeling very proud of his impact on journalism), while TSN is so restrained that it's impossible to tell what's going on. The only story I can find on the site is this vague Canadian Press story -- it was the first thing I read about it this morning, and I was left with no clue what the photos showed. Tlusty cooking dinner? Robbing a bank? Watching television? Murdering a hobo? Who knows, in the demure TSN/CP world?

At least it's getting the NHL a little press, though I must admit any possible PR campaign escapes me.

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Damn, that guy has got a tongue that would make Gene Simmons jealous
I don't think TSN will be going out on too many limbs with their bread & butter franchise.
Tlusty cooking dinner? Robbing a bank? Watching television? Murdering a hobo?

Perhaps all three. At the same time. Now that's real controversy!
I like the fact that no one really cares. It's funny.
Cooking an hobo? Watching a bank? I have authentic photos of hockey players robbing television sets from a hospital!
For the first time ever, I can watch a hockey game and say, "Oh, I saw that guy's wiener," and it would be true. said "wiener."

Funny story. Reminds me of the time some butthead high school friends of mine went on a camping trip, got way too drunk, and took Polaroids of themselves pretending to be gay nudists in the woods. Thank God I missed that trip. The photos were stolen by a prankster, who made sure they were widely-distributed around the school. The lake they were next to was really cold, too, so...lots of shrinkage! LOL!
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