Friday, November 23, 2007


Glen Hanlon Gets the Axe

by Jes

Well, Wayne was right! Hanlon's Crapitals lost to the red-hot Thrashers and Hanlon was fired the very next day.

"He understood that it had to be done. We had talked after our game on Monday night and had some concerns about whether he was losing the team," general manager George McPhee told the Associated Press. "Glen is a first class guy . [but] it's not about friendships and you've got to do what's best for the Washington Capitals."
Translation: Business is business.

Now, some will point out that the Caps' special teams are horrid, and that is usually what a coach has an effect on.

Power Play: 14.6% - 23rd in the NHL
Penalty Kill: 78.2% - 23rd in the NHL

Now, how does someone exactly make gold out of cowshit? Sure, the Caps Power Play ought to be a bit better with Ovechkin and Nylander out there, but, as I mentioned before, the Caps have a young defence and a total lack of quality depth. The fact that the Caps are 23rd in the NHL is not at all surprising, and is actually better than their W-L record.

It's not that I disagree with the coaching change, as that can be a nice boost if you get the right guy, but Hanlon certainly got shafted by a GM who is one of the worst in the league.

How in the hell does George McPhee still have a job? All he has done is watched as his team went from competitive to laughing stock, and it will be a long time before the Caps get competitive again.

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He didn't have much to work with. They have a few very talented players, but they are not deep enough to win games against the better teams.
1) Hanlon had enough 'to work with' to have afarbetter record than they had.
2) Agreed this is NOT a playoff team, but neither should they be a lottery pick team either. A .500 or so team would be about right. If they over achieve they could very well get to that mark by seasons end and we wouldn't be surprised.
I'd like to add my vote for Joey Quenneville to be the next coach hittin' the bricks. As bad as the Caps PP was, Joey Q. has a MUCH more talented group in Colorado who have gone a collective 0-for-infinity lately. Add in the fact that they CAN'T WIN ON THE ROAD because he can't get his matchups and then they lay an egg at home due to lack of effort, and you've got some unhappy Avs fans.

Where Hanlon may not have had the depth required to go deep in the playoffs, Joey Q. has no such argument. He's got the winning pieces, but he shuffles lines so much it's insane and the goalie-go-round has backfired.

Come, join the bandwagon!
1) Mike, perhaps you hit on something when you mentioned the Av's "...goalie-go-round" . With both 'starters' having a save % below .900 perhaps its not Quennville but a dearth of quality goaltending?
2) It doesn't matter who's coaching if a team is getting inconsistent play from the most inportant position
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