Thursday, October 25, 2007


Zdeno Chara Gives David Koci a Blood Bath

by Jes

David Koci is an absolute monster, and not somebody that I'd ever want to meet in a dark alley (not that I hang around in dark alleyways). The d00d has spent far more minute IN the penalty box than on the ice during his brief NHL career.

When I had heard Koci and Chara got in a fight, I had feared the worst for Chara, knowing that Koci has carved a path of destruction in the bigs.

Well, check out what happened.

Booya! Chara used his reach and strength and turned Koci's face into a good Hallowe'en costume.

Slovaks 1, Czechs 0.

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Belak broke his nose in a fight a little less then a week ago, obviously it's not going to heal in a couple days time... going to have to assume that punches to the nose when it's already broken don't have good results.
poor Koci. Chara has an incredible reach advantage. Philly should dress bigfoot on saturday...
1)To paraphrase our favourite move: "Now this is hockey!"
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