Wednesday, October 17, 2007


The Wrong Guy?

by Greg

Or at least, the less-right guy. The most upsetting thing about seeing the announcement of Bob Hartley's firing was not seeing "and GM Waddell" in the headline. I like ol' Bob for obvious reasons, but watching the Thrashers this season, nothing has suggested they are anything close to a well-coached team. Not that I expect that to change under interim coach Waddell -- Lou Lamoriello he ain't.

Don't have any real speculation as to who will be the next coach, and really, unless it's Scotty Bowman, nothing looks set to change. Waddell is the primary architect of the hole the Thrashers are in -- until he's finally gone, they'll find it tough going to get out.


1) There was no way that Toe Blake/Al Arbour/Scotty Bowman would have been able to get that Thrasher team into the post season.
2) Waddell is one of the worst GM's in the league. The thing saving his job is the ownership uncertainty there
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