Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Sick of the Avalanche Yet?

by Greg

Tough. I'm watching game one right now (Budaj looks like a god! This statement automatically revoked if he gives up a goal, EVER), and watching it with the rather surreal soundtrack of my own voice. In an attempt to spread my half-formed, poorly-researched insights across multiple platforms, I'm a guest on Alanah's "Crazy Canucks" podcast discussing the Avalanche (along with Tapeleg from Jerseys and Hockey Love). Despite a few too many glasses of wine during taping (on my part), the occasional obvious lack of research (Tony Amonte no longer on the Flames? Who knew?), it came out pretty well. Check it out (if you want to listen to a whole lotta stuff about the Avs). Thanks for the opportunity, Alanah!


Hey... I thought you sounded great! Thanks for coming on the show, Greg. :)
stastny will be a god!
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