Monday, October 22, 2007


Klouček Finds A Home

by Greg - cross-posted to the Post-Pessimist Association

According to a tip from Vak Fan -- Tomáš Klouček has signed on with HC Hamé RI Okna Zlín of the Czech Extraliga. There's nothing up on the Zlín web site yet, but Vak Fan doesn't seem like the type to joke about something this serious, and I can only presume that the team is planning a really big announcement (fireworks, dancing girls, etc).

This is great news on multiple levels: Klouček has a home, he gets to hang out with Jaroslav Balaštík, and I can rotate the jerseys on the wall.

Viva Klouček!

Update: the Zlín website has an article up, with a picture of Peter "Not Klouček" Barinka, who also apparently signed. I can't read a word, but that doesn't change the fact that this is great news.

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Maybe now, Zlin will stop sucking and the Hockey Gods will reward them for their keen signing.
too early for celebrations, Tomas Kloucek is there just for one month tryout. So you can hope having him back across the pond soon, as I expect:)
Oh ye of little faith. He won't have any problem sticking. I promise!
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